House For Six

we have a shop!


I remember wanting to find a special gift for my godson, but struggling to find something that felt modern and unique while still carrying the traditions of our catholic faith. What I really wanted was something his mom could hang near his crib, that would grow with him throughout the years. 

I thought of the faith-inspired pieces of art in our home and quickly came to my very favorite one: a large wall rosary made of dark wood beads and a lovely depiction of the Blessed Mother with Child in the center made of ivory. It was beautiful in it's simplicity and striking in it's size. And I had never seen anything else like it. 

I loved the idea for my godson, but dark wood felt too grownup for him. What could I use that would be kid friendly and give a youthful, whimsical vibe? Felt Balls! There were so many colorful options and when I thought of how I wanted to assemble the piece, I realized we could have a lot of fun using smaller beads to hide the string and create a more substantial piece. We made the rosary and my daughter asked if she could make one for our friend's Confirmation. Then another friend asked if we could make one for another occasion, and another. At which point, I realized we may have created something that people really liked.

Those first rosaries weren't quite the product that we offer today. We've spent a lot of time since then researching quality materials, learning better techniques, and finessing the details that make a product superior in quality and design. We've also created a whole additional line of products using natural birch wood beads that we hope strike that magical combination of beauty + meaning when it comes to home decor.

That's how this little shop came to be and I'm so thankful to have this place to stretch my creative muscles in between my other full-time gig as wife and mom of 4. I hope you'll stop by and visit!