House For Six


Deme CrinionComment
Have you transformed a space of your own? about a project that's made your house feel more like home?...maybe some superstar tips or a system for making life at home a little more organized and less chaotic?  

Whether the project is big or small, I would love to feature it (and you!) in a "Reader Spot" edition!  

Please submit your project, along with a bit about yourself, a link to your blog (if you have one - not required), and a picture of the project to with the subject line: READER SPOT.  While I may not be able to feature every submission, I will absolutely check out and respond to each one!  You can catch a peak at our past Reader Spot features here.

But have an idea for an awesome guest post?  Fantastic!  Shoot me a note with some details at the email address, subject line: GUEST POST and we'll chat.
Blogland is a big ol world of shared inspiration and I love showing off your mad skills, hard work, and creativity!