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Deme CrinionComment
Welcome to the blog formerly known as Fresh Coat Of Paint!  Or Crinion Clan!  

Yup, there were two.  One for our family and one for our home.  They now share a new address here at House For Five.  You can read all about that switch here.

This blog is still primarily about the DIY adventures of turning our new, old house into our home, but it's also about the family that lives it up within those walls.

Meet the five...

James: Dad extraordinaire, supportive hubby, and semi-willing DIY handyman.  He works incredibly hard for our family and manages to coach high school football on the side.  Loves hot wings, football, the Fighting Irish, football, bacon, and football. And us.

Deme:  I'm the dreamer, always scheming up some sort of new project around here.  And I heart coffee.  A lot. 

Mia: Reigning princess, sweetest big sis and self-proclaimed "home helper".  She's not joking.  She could probably run this place. 

Sully:  Mr. Charismatic and most animated kid I know.  Ladies of all ages fall victim to his charm.  Except me....OK, that's a lie.  

Jack: Lover of trouble and using any object for it's unintended purpose.  In fact, he's probably off creating some sort of disastrous situation as I type.  Good thing he's the baby.  And cute. 

How did we end up here?

Work moved us to Albuquerque, NM and we always thought it would be a temporary gig....six years later ABQ finally felt like home and green chile was part of our regular diet.

Being in temp living mode for those first few years, meant a lot of renting and a lot of moving.  As our family grew with our boys Sully and Jack, our needs grew too.  We were constantly on the hunt for the right space and a great neighborhood.

We lived in 5 houses in 4 years and never did find a place with soundproof walls.  But we did find a perfect home for our family, with plenty of room, a great yard for the kids, and best of was ours.  It felt fantastic to be homeowners again!

Our 1968 home had great bones, was well maintained, and was wrapped in multiple layers of wallpaper from every decade.

I..ahem...we, had a dream to-do list for every space in the house and each room was in a different stage of “doneness” when we got the news that James' work was taking us on yet another adventure.  This time to Dayton, Ohio.  

We moved into another older house in November of 2013 and have a new blank slate to transform into our own (see it here).  We're taking a lot of lessons learned with us from our first house and can't wait to roll up our sleeves making our new place home for our family of five! 

If you’re intentionally following, I’m thrilled you’re here!  If you accidentally stumbled here, I hope it was a pleasant surprise.  Either way, thank you so much for being here and we hope you'll continue to hang out with us!