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Goodness of Christmas Past (and Free Printables!)

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As I type the kids are chugging down the sugar at their class parties and as of 3pm we'll officially be on Christmas break here!  All of the non-morning people in this family (all female) could not be happier.

We're planning to wrap up the Christmas decorating this weekend.  We've been doing a little each day, which is a much better pace for me than a frenzied weekend of holiday craze.  But our porch/yard is still bare and we're hosting dinner Christmas you know, now I'm feeling like sprucing a little more.

However.  If I don't give myself an end point, I'll still have a running list of things I want to do/finish right up to Christmas day.  So, whatever doesn't get done by the end of the weekend, is getting the official cut. For my own sanity.

I'll be back on Monday with the merrifying that did get accomplished around the house and then I'll be logging off for some family time until the new year.  In lieu of a home tour, I've got a few oldie but goodies of the Christmas variety to take you into the weekend....

If you're planning to fire up the oven for some baking this weekend, we did a holiday dessert roundup last year with some tried and true treats from our family recipe book.  The salted chocolate shortbread is happening stat.
Yummy round up of easy holiday desserts!

And if you're brave enough to enter the land of homemade sugar cookies, I not only have the best recipe in the history of ever (thanks to my SIL) but I have some helpful sugar cookie tips for getting those perfect melt-in-your-mouth chewy batches.
tips for the perfect cake like sugar cookies

A couple years ago I whipped out the hot glue gun to give some plain clothes pins a little holiday cheer.  We've used them with twine for a Christmas card display the past couple years, but I'm thinking about something different this year - same pins, different set up.  We shall see.
Santa suit clothespin card display

I realize were about to enter the 4th week of Advent but you know's never too late to start.  With any Christmas tradition.  I was late starting almost everything this year (and most other years), and honestly, I've felt a little off.  Maybe it's the 60 degree weather we're having.  I prefer my winters snowy and frigid....otherwise curling up with blankets and cocoa feels odd.  And sweaty.  Either way, we started our Advent wreath late, but it's an easy DIY from last year - candles, clippings from the tree, and a couple ornaments/twine.

Earlier this month, I was at Mama Needs Coffee sharing some of our Advent traditions and what that season looks like around our home.  You can hop over here for that read, where you can also find a few free printables that might help you keep your Advent focus.  Whatever our family does over these next few days, I want them to get us here:
(These color versions available for download in the post.) 

And if you like your walls with a little less flare, I have these versions you can grab too.

Now that school is out, I'm ready to clear the calendar and just lean into this last week before Christmas.  And by lean, I mean into my couch with some coffee.  Not into more hectic days.  I don't think it's too late to slow down.  In fact, I'm counting on it. Here's to wrapping up the to-do's so we can lean into the week to come.  Have a great weekend!

From earlier this month....

A super easy and stress saving Holiday Card Station....

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Our DIY Advent Calendar (again - easy.  Complicated is not my game).

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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