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Turkeys and Room Updates

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Hey, there!  Oh what's that...a post the day before Thanksgiving?  Is it a gift guide?  A roundup of delectable holiday dishes?  Steals & Deals for Black Friday?  A picture montage of my perfect tablescape?

No, friends.  That would make sense.  

It's my daughters unfinished room.  Of course. #sleepdeprivedmomblogger #stillthawingtheturkey

I was really pushing to share a full room reveal with you last Friday - because that's what DIY bloggers do, right?  But things don't happen quite that fast around here these days, especially during flu season and right before a big holiday!

So, because it will drive me (and my mom) crazy if I don't post an update, I'm giving up on a full room reveal post before Thanksgiving.  Instead, I'm serving up a peak at the room as it looks right this very second.  I didn't even bother to make the bed or style anything for photos.

But first, a refresher...

Girl's Room Overhaul & How To Deal With A Mini Hoarder

We had

quite the disaster zone

on our hands and you guys, it is SO MUCH BETTER. Mostly because our sweet girl was finally able to really purge her stuff.  If she hadn't donated almost half of her accumulated


beloved treasures, we could not have created this fresh and functional space.

After going through every last item

, we brought in the game changer...

Mia had a beautiful Jenny Lind bed and vanity that my parents found at a garage sale and had painted white for her.  She also had my childhood dresser and a large dollhouse.  None of those pieces really pulled a lot of weight when it came to storage.

We tried to squeeze in a couple of bookcases on either side of her bed to mimic a built-in setup I had envisioned in my head.  It was nice in theory, but I don't even want to talk about how many times I had to crawl under that bed to fish out things of great importance (like chapstick and library books) that had fallen to their doom.  More importantly we squeezed two more large pieces of furniture into an already overcrowded, very small room.

I had a come to Jesus moment and accepted that a built-in ($$$) wasn't really in the cards anytime soon.  And this room needed HELP stat.  So, we identified a few items of furniture from other areas of the house we could sell to help fund a room makeover of the IKEA variety.


HEMNES daybed

 (on sale this month if you're an IKEA Family member!) framed by two slim

HEMNES bookcases

was the perfect solution.  This guy allowed us to combine two big pieces of furniture (bed and dresser) into one.

The drawers are super deep and provided more than enough storage for her clothes (in addition to her closet space).

We swapped out the standard issue IKEA knobs from something a little more substantial and blingy.

Maybe my favorite part of the new room are these two

MINUT wall sconces

we attached to each of the bookcases.

 We already had one mounted to her wall before we started this overhaul.  Mia uses it all the time and asked to keep it, so we added another for symmetry and so she can read on either end of the bed at night.

 They come in a silver finish, but we gave them a coat of gold a la spray can and now they fit right in.

We found these sweet polka dot numbers at


to hold books Mia's currently reading.

And these mint colored baskets from the dollar spot were perfect for corralling all the little things.  Like Shopkins.  #Lordhelpme

 I'll do a full breakdown of how we organized the room to maximize form and function once we finish up this space.  We still have some blank walls to spruce up, but those piles under the vanity are stacked art just waiting for a spot to shine.

The vanity could also use a few paint touch-ups from being dinged in the move and I have some fun new hardware that I'm way too excited about....

And this.  The bane of my existence.  

I will also do a tutorial on this balloon valance (which will consist mostly of "what not to do"), IF I can actually get it finished.  Right now the sides are all 

droopy droopy

, and I want them more 

even swoopy

.  Like on the right here.  Or something like that.

As for the furniture we replaced?  We moved my old dresser down to the guest room to hold linens and offer extra storage when guests are staying with us.  And I'm just so excited that Livy will get to use the same special bed as her big sis once she's ready to transition out of a crib.  Which won't be for a long. long time.....RIGHT?

Speaking of Livy, I'm having a bit of a moment.......tomorrow is this babe's first Thanksgiving, soon to be followed by her first Christmas, and then her first birthday.  Just,


?!?!?!  I can't even imagine our lives without her. It has

not been an easy year

, but it has been so, so good.  We have so much to be thankful for, including the friends that we'll be sharing our Thanksgiving dinner with tomorrow.   I love Ohio, but the hardest part (about all our moves) is being so far from my family.  But God has been incredibly faithful to provide us with friends who have become our second family wherever we have gone.  Their support has carried us more than ever this year.

So, let's hope we can figure out how to get five dishes (including a giant turkey) cooked with one oven by the time they arrive.  We're ready to feast, and play games, and watch football, and pour some wine.  We hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing the same.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!

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