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How I Invested In My Blog This Year and a Peak at House For Six!

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OK.  So I realize that my current post rate of one post per week doesn't exactly scream "Blog Go-Getter".  Ahem.....however.

We had a baby in January and I knew that this year would look different for the blog.  I hoped to step back for a few weeks while we found our new groove as a fam of six, and then planned to ease back into to a regular posting routine.

Ha!  Did you see that?  I said the word 'plan'. So silly of me.

We certainly didn't plan on a colicky baby with reflux that consumed our every waking moment, but that was our reality for the first few months.  Some people probably thought the logical thing to do was walk away from the blog for awhile.  But I was surprised to find that I had a lot of new ideas swirling for blog content and art.  I also had this conviction to regain some focus and purpose in blogging.

Since my hands were rarely free for typing or crafting or photographing, I spent those first colicky months praying, reading, and researching while I snuggled a either sleeping or screaming babe.

I really wanted to attend the Haven conference, but well....colicky baby.  And while I might have been able to swing the ticket, the added cost of a plane ticket/rental car/hotel/food, put it over the budgeting edge for me.  Instead I put some birthday money towards two e-courses that I knew would help me with some goals I have for this e-space.

There are other courses out there aimed at teaching Adobe Illustrator, but this one had great reviews and was really affordable.   I just finished the last class online and oh my goodness, it's so good!!  Emily is a fantastic teacher and was able to sift through all of Illustrator's capabilities to compile a course that stuck to the essentials for graphic design.   I would have been far too intimidated to attempt learning that program on my own.  Emily's teaching style made it easy to learn and my head is spinning with ideas!

I saw that registration is open for the last course offering this year.  If you've ever wanted to learn Illustrator, I can't recommend it enough.  Her second course with more advanced techniques might be going on my Christmas list.

The second course was more of an investment, but was worth every penny: the Design Your Brand course with Lauren from Elle & Co.
(image via Elle & Co)

The fact that our blog is still "House For Five" and resident #6 is 10 months old makes me a little twitchy #OCDersunite.  Not to mention, any of my attempts at blog design for House For Five have been all over the place.  I wanted to hurry up and change it by the end of summer, but I am SO GLAD I waited to complete Lauren's course.

I might have been able to put an OK design together for the site, but it would not have been nearly as thought out, intentional, consistent, or long standing.  I would have loved to pay someone to redesogn the blog, but again, this was the best decision for my budget.  And even though it's been much more work, I know the result is going to be a hundred times better that what I would have pieced together on my own.

I've been forced to narrow down the mission statement, focus and characteristics for House For Six.  Lauren asks us to come up with 10 adjectives to identify our blog/business.  I landed on fun, modern, personal, practical, fresh, whimsical, inviting, organized, encouraging, and joyful.

Here's how that came together in my inspiration board:

Since I blog about home, I thought our website should reflect what you see inside our own, but it's also my little happy spot on the interwebs,  So, while this board certainly captures the style you'll find throughout our house, it's also a reflection of my more feminine tastes.

I've been in the weeds, translating that board into a cohesive design for the new site and shop.  I'm so excited with how it's shaping up and can't wait to share it with you!

I know it's felt a little slower on the blog these past few months - I'm thankful you've stuck with me!

*We're wrapping up the final details on our girl's new (read: clean) space and I'm hoping to get it blogged before the weekend!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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