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Loving Your Imperfect Home

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Do you ever catch yourself looking around your house listing all the things you wish you could change? All the "if only's"? If only we had one more bathroom....if only we could get a bigger table....if only this carpet weren't burgundy....if only.

I'm not sure when we started believing that our homes had to meet a detailed checklist before we could be happy in them and before we could invite people in, but spoiler alert: it's a big fat lie. One that I fall for all the time. And my girl Jenny is letting me crash her amazing blog today to chat about that very thing.  

Her family recently welcomed bambino number 4 (who just landed the holiest of smooches during Pope Francis' visit to the states!), and she deals up one of my favorite doses of wit, faith, & motherhood on the blogsphere at Mama Needs Coffee.

Here's a peak as what's happening over there today...

We can wait until we live someplace with a little more space, or until we finish up such and such project, or until we have a table, or whatever. We can wait to love our homes and invite others in,  but what if it’s years before those things happen...what if they don’t happen at all?  How much time will we have wasted?  How much will we have missed?  

To hear more about my childhood home, watching the Superbowl from lawn chairs in the living room, and how you can come back to loving your home (or maybe get there for the first time), head over to Mama Needs Coffee. Thanks for having me, Jenny!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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