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Juju Hat Inspired DIY, in Which I Create an Eyeball

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Just for the record, this was supposed to be a legit tutorial in which I offer you a super cost effective way to bring the amazingness of a juju hat into your own home.  But it's not exactly that.

I feel like juju hats must have been a trend I totally missed the first time around.  But no matter.  They seem to be making a come back and I got all excited because who doesn't want a burst of fabulous feathers on their wall?  My husband, that's who. No one!

If you are unfamiliar, a juju hat is actually a headdress made of the most beautiful feathers woven into a raffia base.

Image via House Seven Blog

Gorgeous.  A simple, beautiful statement and a great textural element.  Albeit a very, very pricey element.

I had this big open space on my fireplace, so I thought why not make my own big black feathery adornment for Halloween?  And I did.
DIY juju hat

I couldn't afford real feathers.  Even DIY's I looked up were still quite costly.  But I could afford feather boas from the craft store for $3.99 a pop at 40% off. (Yes, I'm still on a personal spending freeze, but I had set aside a little bit last month for a couple of things I would be working on this month).DIY juju hat

The conversation that ensued the afternoon it was hung above our mantle, confirmed that what I created was not exactly what I intended...

Sully (5 yrs old): "Look, Dad!"

James: " that the project you were helping Mommy with yesterday?"

Sully:  "No.  She made an eyeball!  And she made it all by herself!"

DIY juju hat

I knew I wasn't crazy about it, but ever since Sully deemed it an eyeball I can't see it as anything else.

Should you attempt your own (juju hat or fuzzy eyeball), here are some things you should know....

-This project makes the biggest mess ever.  If James was home during this little craft sesh, he may have died.  There were feathers everywhere.  The regular feathers, but lots of super fine little teeny-tiny feathers that I'm still finding all over the floor, the table, my clothes...everywhere.  If you want to avoid this delightful scenario, never ever cut a feather boa.

-If you are brave enough to cut it into smaller pieces and then attach (like I did with the white) you will need more feathers than you think.
DIY juju hat

If you keep the boa intact and just wrap it around (like I did with the black - much less noticeable with darker colors), You won't need as much.  Although I did try to leave as few gaps as possible for optimal fluff factor.
DIY juju hat

-Go BIG.  In this case, the bigger the better.  Especially if the outer layer sort of blends into the wall color.
DIY juju hat
Mine is way undersized and I'm afraid adding another layer to the outside will only contribute to the eyeball effect or take it more of a bulls-eye route.  I'm sure that won't stop me from trying though.

-Even though it's sort of comical, and not nearly a close replica of a true juju hat, I don't hate it.  I really wanted all black but they didn't have enough black boas.  And when you're working off a clearance rack, you go with what's there.  I think I might even love it if it was all black.  So much so that I might endure the feather debacle one more time to fix it. Maybe.
DIY juju hat

-I wasn't sure how to handle the center so I grabbed one of these.
DIY juju hat

I bent a paper clip and glued it to the center before I added the last boa, and attached the clip onto that.
DIY juju hat

I think it would have been fine without it, but I liked the way it finished it off and was slightly different than the rest of the feather pattern.
DIY juju hat

OK that picture wasn't helpful.  It's not easy to photograph black feathers.  #firstworldproblems

-On the plus side, this project was literally light as a feather, so I just used a command strip hook on the fireplace and glued a paperclip to the back of my circular cardboard base to hang it.
DIY juju hat

DIY juju hat

It didn't pack the elegant Halloween punch I had in mind, but since it does read like an eyeball maybe we can put it in the "creepy" Halloween category?

At least the rest of the room is feeling more like fall, sans the creep factor..... 
DIY juju hat

DIY juju hat

kantha throw

I think we finally have this part of the room figured out and here's a sneaky peak at what's happening on the other side of the room.  Baby gates and all.
DIY juju hat

By the time we finally finished the bones of this space and were ready to move onto details, the holiday season was a knockin'.  I wanted this room to have a  neutral base, so that I could easily change things up for the seasons.  So, far it's been perfect.  Not perfect as in perfectly styled (did you see the baby fence?), but perfect as in it only takes a few changes via pillows and throws to give the room a totally different feel.  I think the next few months are going to be a lot of fun.

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Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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