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October: The Month of Spending Freezes And Doing

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As much as I love the onset of fall (my favorite forever and ever), it also seems to be a time that isn't so kind to our budget.  School supplies, uniforms, clothes for cooler weather, birthdays, anticipation of the holidays, car maintenance, and my sudden need to organize everything.  It can all add up to a big sucker punch to the budget.    

Over the past few months, I've also been gathering things for the home projects on my radar.  But a certain teething baby has been thwarting my plans for sleep and general productivity.   At this point, our budget needs some recovery time and my house needs to stop looking like an IKEA warehouse.  I'm putting myself on a spending freeze for October and am going to finally do something with all these project supplies.

In a very "please hold me to it" manner, I announced to James that I want to wrap up any house projects for this year before Thanksgiving.  I've gone into almost every holiday season with an ambitious list of holiday and home projects.  It's weighed me down and hasn't exactly provided us with a joyful, peaceful season. We took a realistic hack at


our long home project list and I'm feeling relieved and ready to take on just a couple final projects for 2015.   Here's a look at what we'll be working on over the next couple months, using mostly what we already have on hand....

Finish the family room.

This room revamp all started because of

an unfortunate leak

that lead to all new flooring in our kitchen/family room.  It ended up being a huge blessing and unexpected upgrade thanks to help from our awesome insurance company.  We've gotten a little further than this progress pic here, but not much.

how to tackle DIY projects with young kids

We have the main furniture pieces in place, but we still have to address paint, trim, and those finishing touches that make a room feel like yours. This is where our family spends the most time, so I'm excited to start layering in our personality.

The garage.

This is the garage after we first moved in.

 Now image a single path leading from the door to the driveway framed by piles bikes, saws, scrap wood, and a bunch of stuff to donate or sell. It became our workshop during the floor installation and has turned into an utter disaster.  Not to mention safety hazard.  After we finish the trim cuts for the family room, we'll get that area cleaned up and ready for the winter months.  Because I'm a wimp and don't want to march through the snow to load the kids in the car in each morning.

The big girl's room.

This. girl's. room.  I think I've tried rearranging her furniture four different times since we moved in.

(this was a fail)

We finally found the right spot for her bed, but storage for my little hoarder has continued to stump us.  I wanted to do a custom build, but it's way too pricey.  We've come up with a cost effective alternative and I can't wait to get started.  Since I'm on a spending freeze, the budget for this room is going to come from whatever I'm able to sell of the garage mess via craigslist and ebay.  My mom is visiting at the end of October and we're going to work on this space together with Mia while she's here.  Bring on the organizing girl time!  #nerdsforlife

Musical furniture.

Whenever you move into a new place, you can plan out the furniture arrangements down to the last end table.  But until you actually live in a new home and see how your family uses the space, it's all just a best guess.  While this home has more space than our last, the placement of doors and windows has been pretty limiting for our bigger furniture pieces.  It's the smaller, multipurpose items that we've had a harder time with....small tables, small chairs, bookcases...they've floated all over the house.  Now that we've been here almost two years, and a better idea of how we use our space, I have one last round of furniture swapping to beg of my husband.  After that, we're bidding farewell to the stuff we don't need.

Add in us

It's quite sad how many personal, homey things are sitting in closets untouched.  We've put a couple things on the walls but we don't have a single family picture up.  And we had very few up in our last house.  We also have some great accessories that James and I brought to our marriage and some wonderful gifts we've received over the years that we have yet to give a proper home. I'm really excited to inject a bit more of us into our home over the next month.

We got a jump start on remedying the picture situation (and the large empty space above the couch) this weekend with IKEAs new picture ledges.  They are replacing

the RIBBA ledges

but aren't listed on the website yet.  Courtesy a la iPhone:

I'm going to caulk the center seams where we shoved the two ledges together and might add some brackets for reinforcement.  Of course the screw holes never line up with the walls studs, do they?  Now to plow through the thousands of unorganized photos on my computer to fill my frame stash - joy!

*Does anyone else get bit by the project bug during fall?  I actually love spending freezes because they force me to work with what I already have - which usually ends up being much more than I realized.  Anyone care to join in for October?  We could give it a hashtag and everything.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!

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