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The Get Ready For School Pow Pow

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I have such mixed feelings about the summer coming to a close.  I mean fall is my favorite season and I pine for it all year long.....the crisp air, the beautiful trees, the hot drinks, the wearing sweaters and not sweating, FOOTBALL, and.....the routine.

As much as I love these lazy summer days and continue to resist acting like a responsible adult, the routine that comes with the start of the school year does all of us a great deal of good.   After the indoc period that is.  Getting my daughter out of bed and in the car by 7:30 is going to be like.....I don't even know....the impossible dream?  waking a hibernating bear?  self-inflicted torture? Probably, all of the above.

We're going to have two in school full time and one in half-day preschool three days a week.  Last year our mornings were stressed just getting sleeping beauty ready and out the door on time....and her father drove her to school!  I didn't even have to be out of my pajamas.

This year, my shirking days are over.  I drive the swagger wagon, so I'll need to transport children for their ejumacation.  It will probably look something like this:
Too rushed to pour it into a travel mug

Lord, help me. I actually really enjoy mornings and feel the most fresh physically and mentally then (after coffee).   It's the waking up part that kicks my rear.  My husband can pop up at his first alarm and be showered, dressed, and out the door in minutes.  While I'm still hitting snooze.  Even after I've been up and walking around it still takes me awhile to fully wake up and get my head in the game.  So, my personal routine is going to have to change too (see references to "impossible" and "torture" above #applereallyclosetothetree).

We've got two and a half weeks before school starts so it's time to start shifting gears.  Throughout the day,I keep thinking of a million things that James and I need to discuss, but by the time we get the kids to bed my brain and my memory are shot.  So, I sent him the following email:

Hey Babe, 

I had mentioned talking through some things one night this week.  Would you be opposed to setting a date and me typing up an agenda?  I know it's OCD but my mind is fresh in the morning and mush at night, so it would help me out.  Let me know.  Love you.

And because he's a good man and [usually] does not make fun of my list-making ways, he agreed.  Here's a peek at what's on my mind.  My to-do list is far more detailed.  This is more big picture discussions to get everyone on the same page....

Summer Bucket List
We made one, and we did a lot.  But there are still a few unchecked items the kids are eyeing.  We won't be able to do them all, so what can we squeeze in without totally breaking the bank or our sanity?  Which ones would make a nice finish to our summer? Let's put them on the calendar.

We've slowly fallen into a go to bed later and not really sleep in (except Mia) routine.  Our morning will need to look significantly different during the school year.  What's our morning routine going to look like?  What time do the kids need to get up/go to bed? What's going to be on their morning to-do list?  What time do we need to get out the door?  What time are we getting up and ready?  What prep items can we shift to the night before to make the mornings easier?  WHOSE MAKING THE COFFEE??

What about our afternoons and evenings?  Homework routines? How do we want to spend our weekends?  What items do we need to tackle during the week, so we're free to enjoy our days off as a family?

Chores/Household Responsibilities
What are our expectations for the kids during the school year?  What daily/weekly/monthly chores will they have?  What about us?  How can we tweak meal prep/cooking/shopping to make our lives easier?

Organize and Purge (my favorite!)
We've continued to work on purging and organizing the house over the summer, but there's still plenty to do.  What are the problem areas that could bite us in the behind come fall?  What areas could we tweak to better serve us during the school year (pantry/kids closets/entryway/etc)?  What do we do with the items we've already purged (sell/donate/burn)?

The budget's been updated to reflect the coming school year...any adjustments?  What larger items or events to we need to have a saving plan for (birthdays, Christmas, vacations)?  What additional school supplies/clothes do we need?

House Projects
Prioritize the items on my our list.....what can we realistically accomplish and what should we cut from the list?  Which are best to tackle during fall and/or winter?  Set timeline and anticipated budget.

Do we have a good system for managing the impending paper flood?  How will we manage the family calendar?  Do you hate me for this pow-pow yet?

We don't have these kind of structured, official-like meetings very often.  Usually we just chat at the end of the day or touch base via a few quick emails until we can wade through the details in person together....but the start of school pretty much flips our routine upside down, so I felt the need for an AGENDA.

Anyone else feeling the sudden need to get organized and ready for the school monster?  What things do you hash out with your partner in crime ahead of time?  Who just wings it?  And please, fellow non-morning peeps....tell me your secrets!  I'm thinking I'll shower at night so my morning routine is minimal but I really just want to hug my knees in a corner and pray it's not really happening.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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