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*First, thank you all so much for you kind words on our last post about homeschooling.  We're big fans of homeschool and we're big fans of traditional school...basically we're big fans of encouraging each other as we figure out the best choices for our families.  I'm grateful that this community is so supportive!

Like most everyone, I was so ready for the routine that comes with going back to school, But man, am I feeling out of sorts.  The house is a wreck, the papers are everywhere, and I'm feeling desperate for a better daily rhythm.  This monkey bar incident a couple days ago didn't help matters...

Sully was playing at recess and fell on his arm, breaking both bones in his wrist.  He was so brave and such a trooper with all the different nurses and doctors asking him to try moving his wrist in different ways.  They are being cautious with the full arm cast, to prevent him from moving his arm too much this first week.  They'll take another x-ray next week and if it's healing well, he should be able to go down to a short cast and eventually a brace.  Hopefully, we're looking a 4-6 weeks.

The first night was pretty rough...he just couldn't get comfortable #bigcasttinyarm  But last night was much better and he's getting used to doing more things one handed.  The school nurse, staff, and teachers have all been wonderful.  Our family is just a bit toasted....we're ready to catch up on some rest, crawl out from the school paper/laundry/dishes takeover, and settle into a routine.

So, while I work on taming our house and cleaning something (anything!), here are a few good reads to encourage you if you're feeling the onslaught of fall too.....

I loved this post by House of Smith's about how she talks to her girls once they get home from school.  She has a great list of questions to encourage conversation with your kids about their day beyond the one-word-answer inducing "How was your day?" and "Did you have fun today?".  I like her ideas on individual time with each kid too.

The Nester never disappoints and since we're not only drowning in school papers but unfinished projects, this was like a life line...

And Jess Connolly had a great Periscope video on battling the fall overwhelm.  (I think it's up for the rest of the day but there's also a free printable schedule on her instagram profile).  Brain dump/schedule/to-do list...coming right up! And this sneak peek of the Naptime Diaries fall line is slaying me.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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