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Our Summer Coat Closet

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I had high hopes for taming our family's explosion of shoes/bags/coats when we tackled this front hall closet makeover last winter.  Granted it still gets messy from time to time, but for the most part this closet is the hero of our entry.

When I first planned out the space I had the impending winter slush and bulky snow gear on the brain. So, I thought I would show you how we made a few tweaks to accommodate these busy warmer months.  Here's what she looks like lately...

While summer days are relaxed, our calendar is also busy...we still have piano lessons, T-ball, swim, and some fun summer camps.  We also take advantage of the free days to get together with friends.

Translation: a lot of gear. 

Storing our bulky winter items away opened up a few hooks, which means my bag lady tendencies have been fully reinforced to accommodate.

We've got a swim bag (with towels, goggles, and sunscreen)....

We've got our sports bag (that red lady on the top shelf)...

T-ball is the current calendar hog, so this bag keeps all that baseball gear in one spot, ready to grab and go. 

Those adorable green striped bags were actually birthday party favors that my dear friend HAND MADE.  They've become our favorite library bags and the initials help the kids be a little more responsible for their own books.

And of course, the diaper bag....ideally fully stocked, but usually missing some key item.

Seriously, guys - bags!  It saves us so much time getting out the door when all we need for a given activity is corralled to one spot.  #bagladyforlife

One thing I thought we would ditch during the warm months is the boot tray.  But, oh contrare.  It has been a very rainy summer thus far and having a place to set down wet or dirty shoes is something we're going to need all year long.

The wire bins that used to hold each kid's winter hat and mittens are now great for summer hats and sun glasses.

I think I will forever sing the praises of the hook.  Removing the original rod and replacing it with a bunch of hooks made all the difference in our closet going from this:

to this:
coat closet makeover

and now this:

You may not have an entire closet to dedicate as a drop zone, but even mounting a few extra hooks to a wall right next to the door where you enter the house can make a huge impact in smoothly getting in/out of the house.  Believe me, this area is not always tidy but it certainly saves us a ton of stress and frantic searching of things. It's definitely keeping our summer days a little more relaxed and organized.

How do you manage all the summer activities?  And by the way, what happened to July?!?  I'm in denial that August is right around the corner.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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