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Printable Neighborhood Contact Sheet: For The Name Recalling Challenged

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I am terrible with names.  I mean really terrible.  It usually takes me a good three encounters to remember a new name/face.  Since moving to a whole new city this has been an all too frequent and uncomfortable happening. Enter my foot-in-mouth saver...

The weather has finally turned here and the whole neighborhood has emerged from it's winter hibernation seeking out fresh air and other living beings. Turns out one neighbor had a baby...and we never knew the other was pregnant. #longwinterproblems

It's been so nice to get reacquainted with our neighbors, but I was completely embarrassed that I couldn't remember most of their names.  Granted we only moved here a year ago, so we're still meeting new people, but the long winter certainly didn't help my brain with info retention.

With head hung, I had to ask for their names again, but it turns out they didn't quite remember our names either.  After we were mutually embarrassed and reintroduced, I wrote down their names as soon as I got the chance.  It occurred to me that having this info for our neighbors all in one spot instead of dispersed among a zillion post-its might be a good idea.

I've been working on updating our Home Management Binder and now we're adding this Neighborhood Contact Sheet to the mix.  I created a spot for names, children, pets, address or home reference (like "blue house on the corner"), contact info, and notes.

Por ejemplo - we ran into our neighbors Jeff and Cheryl last weekend.  They love to walk with their two little girls and three dogs.  So after we chatted, I drew up this sheet and added the names for everyone in their family, their pets, which house is theirs, and contact info (some of which is obviously not shown here). 

The notes section is great for reminders on whether someone works from home, school info, prefers you don't ring the doorbell, or whatever else you might want to have for future reference.

This sheet has already come in handy as I've not only been writing down the names/info for neighbors we're getting reacquainted with, but I've had a place to record the limited info on our neighbors that I have managed to retain up to now.  Nothing like freeing up brain space.

I think this kind of sheet would also come in handy for the kids in case of emergency or anytime someone came to watch our house or kids for an extended period of when my parents stayed with the kids while we were at the hospital having a baby.

So, if you're also in the name challenged camp, feel free to snag one for yourself right here. Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds herself greeting people with a "Hey! Good to see you guys!" to cover herself.  Is this a dead giveaway?

On a somewhat random note......when it comes to new people whose names I can't recall, I usually initiate an introduction with James (or he with me) to help us out in the name game.  For instance..."Have you met my husband yet?"  Then instead of me having to struggle through an introduction, James will extend his hand with "Hi, I'm James".  The other person then introduces himself as we make a mental note of their name.   We'll also drop each others names in the conversation in case the other party has also forgotten our names and is equally embarrassed to James will say, "The other day Deme was saying she wanted to get the boys over to the trails. Have you been down there yet?".   But "Forgive me, can you remind me of your name?" works just as well.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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