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Flooring Update: When You're Forced Into A DIY Plan B

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Goodness, you guys!  It has been a CRAZY few weeks around this casa!  I sat down to type out a big ole update and I don't even know where to start.  So, how about we start with a story....

It was approximately 10 weeks ago that the water line to our fridge sprung a leak, leading to a series of fantastical events including our floor coming up in soggy chunks.  I could give our insurance company a giant uncomfortably long hug because they are really taking care of us.
The mitigation work to stop/repair the leak and pull out the damaged sections of flooring were completed by the next day.  Soon later, a rep came by and we chose an almost-but-not-exact flooring sample that closely matched the rest of the dark laminate going throughout the rest of our main level.  All we had to do was place the order and wait "about 2 weeks" for it to arrive.

6 weeks later we were still going about life with a giant concrete hole in the floor.  We started out with great caution and lots of stellar parenting rules.

No one walks on the concrete.... 

Well, you need to get to the fridge and to water, so no one walks on the concrete without shoes....  

Yes, socks are fine, go ahead....  

Oh for love of Pete, just try not to run on it.  And NO PUSHING!

After many a phone call, we finally tracked down our flooring.....stuck on a boat.  In customs.  In China.  And it would be another 3-5 weeks before it arrived. Then we would have to be worked into the installer's schedule.  At best we were looking at floors around mid to late summer.  That would really be pushing our luck with no one cracking their head on the expanse o' concrete.

So, we started talking with our insurance about other options.

As I explained the situation to my mom, she reminded me that this was not the first time I've had to come up with a plan B thanks to China.  Nothing against China. I'm sure China is great.  It just seems that things coming to me from China like to get stuck there.

Rewind to a few weeks before my wedding in 2006 and no sign of my bridesmaid's dresses.  We were set to tie the knot the day after St Patrick's day, so everything was planned in black and white with subtle pops of green.  Including pretty green dresses that (unbeknownst to me) were coming from China.

Turns out Chinese New Year is kind of a big deal there and thus our order was pushed way out on their calendar.  We didn't have enough time to order something new and still have time for any alterations, so I had each of my gals go find a black dress that made them feel great.  They were all different but all looked fantastic.  And they really were bridesmaid dresses they could "wear again". 

Anyhow, back to floors. The flooring rep said that we could either wait on the flooring shipment or select another option from their inventory even though it wouldn't be as close of a match.  Then he asked if the flooring we used in the rest of the house was discontinued.....

I wasn't sure.  When the leak first happened, I checked Home Depot and they were sold out in store and out of stock online with no indication of whether or not they would be getting more.

I decided to check the website just in case....

IN STOCK!!!  You can't beat going with same product that's already in your house, so we quickly switched to a cash-out option with our insurance company and a week later we have floors again!! 

Timing is always so funny for us.  News of the flooring stuck in customs came right before Memorial Day, so by the time we switched up the plan, we were able to take advantage of great Memorial Day sales on materials.

My better half busted his rear to knock this out in just a couple days all on his own (only having done it once before with a friend), and saved us a ton by doing so.  Admittedly, I can be picky about how things are done and I'm OCD I care about details.  Initially I wanted to have everything installed by Home Depot - to have it done quick, not put the stress of such a huge job on James, and to avoid any lover's spats.  But I deferred to him for the final decision and boy am I eating all my concerns.  The man is like a surgeon.  I should have know better with that math brain of his but the cuts he pulled off on some of those nooks and crannies were crazy.

He did such an incredible job and worked so hard to pull this off beyond my expectations.  I'm so grateful.

Now it's time for me to get to work pulling this place back together!  We have baseboards/trim that will really finish things off but first I have a few date nights with my paintbrush. And I better be quick because the drunken game of musical furniture we have going on is making us all a little bonkers.

This all happened so fast (after the not at all fast wait) and I was busy trying to keep Switch n Go Dino's from ramming into the laborer that I rather sucked at the photo documentation of it all.   I grabbed mostly phone pics and a few with the good camera.

Better pics to come once we get things cleaned up! I don't think we'll be following up with a full how-to on the floor install, but we'll pow-pow over tips for tackling this type of job with kids underfoot.

The other bonus that came from the ridiculous wait with the floors is that I'm about finished with the nursery.  Mia's going to help me with a few crafty/art projects in there this weekend, then we'll be able to call it done!  Stand by for a couple of furniture makeovers, some budget art projects, and all around baby room sweetness.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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