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Kitchen & Family Room Ideas

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Hey Friends!  This was one of those weeks where I needed Friday about 4 days ago.  You?

We've been battling a nasty cold over here with 4 of us down for the count.  Yesterday I finally felt well enough to rip the germ-infested sheets off our bed and toss them into the wash.  Hopefully, we can do the same for the rest of the beds and give everything a good wipe down this weekend.

My only claim of productivity this week was taking this monstrosity of a DVD collection...

and condensing it into this.... 


And since I couldn't start wielding a paintbrush in the family room/kitchen area this week, I spent a little more time on my favorite part - the plannin' and a schemin'

I don't even know how this room ended up so wrong.  There are a lot of good things happening in here, but together they are making my eyes hurt.

When we first moved in, we didn't have the right furniture or a clue what would work in here, so it quickly became the catch-all space where furniture waits to find a home and toys go to multiply.

I tried to make it give it a purpose, an identity.  First a homeschool space, then a family/school space...that only seats 3? 

She really is quite the hot mess. 

Well, thanks to a floor leak we have a chance to start fresh.  Once I allowed myself to look at this room as a blank slate where anything was game (and not worry about working with everything already happening in here), I gained a whole new perspective.

I purposefully didn't edit or lighten any of these photos.  You can see in the photo below that this side of the room is actually quite dark.  Sort of ironic because the kitchen side gets some of the best light in the house. 

I knew we could help it feel less cavernous with a fresh coat of paint and once I we made the decision to go with white, the ideas started to flow again.  Something light and bright...a very neutral foundation so that I could play with colorful accessories and change things up for the season.  A space that's comfortable for our whole family and also welcoming for guests. 

I recently stumbled onto the House Seven blog and am basically stalking her Instagram feed.  I simply drool all over my  iphone at every single one of her spaces.  They are light and bright and modern and charming all at once. And lucky for us, she jumped on the Blogger Stylin' Spring Home Tour this week so you can catch a peak at all that loveliness right here.


Her home has one of my all time favorite features:  white planked walls.  It's a fairly easy and inexpensive wall treatment and helps give some character to otherwise flat (and often sterile) white walls.  I mean how can you not love...




I may be getting ahead of myself, but it sure is fun to think about all the details.  That picture above really captures our vision for this room, right down to the planked walls and white washed brick fireplace.  Throw in a little more evidence of child residents and we're in business.  I'm learning to set my goals low and stow for this project, so here's hoping we can finally check the fireplace off the list this weekend.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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