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Flooring Progress: To Horizonal Or Not To Horizonal

Deme Crinion9 Comments

That is the question.

Lloyd just left our house with all his flooring samples and a plan to finally take care of the large concrete hole in our floor.   Remember this leak situation:


We were hoping to grab more of the same flooring that we put down in the rest of our main level when we first moved in.  One seamless look throughout all the rooms.  Especially since you travel in one big circle going from one room to the next. 

Alas, it's not going to happen.  We purchased that flooring from Home Depot and they're sold out online. We would have to call from store to store around the area and pray we could gather up enough boxes to finish this pretty large kitchen/family room.  I'll spare you the lengthy details, but since our insurance is covering this for us it's also a bit complicated to go through a big box store - we would lose some of the warranties and would probably end up having to come out of pocket on installation by going through Home Depot vs. the company contracted with our insurance.

SO!  Plan B - work with the insurance's flooring company and find a really good match or go with something totally different.

We really want to bring better flow and cohesion to these main level rooms.  Up to now the kitchen/family room has almost felt like a separate area of the house.  Fortunately, we found a darn good match as far as color/finish/texture, BUT.....the planks are not as wide as our current flooring.

Since we'll need to have a threshold at both of the doorways where the current floor meets the new, Lloyd suggested laying it in the opposite direction of the existing floor.

Pros:  it would look like we intentionally did something different in that space, instead of being an "almost but not quite" match.

Cons: it would look like we intentionally did something different in that space, and wouldn't be as visually seamless.

Or we could have it installed the same direction as the existing floor...

Pros: less choppy and a continuous line throughout the spaces

Cons: the difference in the plank widths will be obvious and won't align. 

Either way there will be a threshold (a trim piece) where the floors meet, so there will be some sort of break in that visual line.

Hey, speaking of visuals, how bout a floorplan?  I won't even admit how painstakingly long this took me to mock up.  The teal areas are cabinetry/fixed features in the space and the yellow dotted lines are where the existing floor will meet up with the new floor.

The grey dotted lines are steps (the living room is sunken).  You can get an idea of it in this pic (this was right after we built out the curved steps and installed the laminate wood floors.)

So what's your vote?  Stick with the same direction as the existing floor or go horizontal with it?

The good news is that no matter what we decide, we'll have the same color flooring throughout the entire level and that will be amazing!  

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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