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Calling A Truce With Our House...A Plan For The Family Room

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I'm done.  Waiving the white flag.  I'm officially over fighting with our house. We've been in a brawl for several months and it's time for me to tap out.

I remember being so excited by all the possibility of this house when we moved in.  We could hardly believe it....the layout! the walls to paint! the yard with a play structure! the GRASS! #formerdesertdwellers

So what, may you ask, have I been doing with all this wonderful possibility? Lately, I've been wishing it were something else. Like something that doesn't require sacrificing my vision or using too much imagination.  Something easy. Which translates to outrageously expensive fixes like totally changing the layout of our house or building something completely unnecessary.  Basically, gimme what it takes to make it what I want it to be instead of what it is.

From the day we were handed the keys to this house, the family room (right off the kitchen) has been a challenge.  We started off dancing at the open space...

...and then wondered how the heck we were going to set up our furniture.  We wanted the fireplace to be the focal point of the room, but if you float the couch there's no space to walk around it because of this guy splitting the space:

Placing a couch on the longest wall facing the kitchen felt odd.  So, we sent our couches to the basement, and our sectional to the living room.  This room became a couchless, catch-all play/school room.  Which I have been avoiding ever since.  Here she is in all her confused glory...

Then came our surprise kitchen leak...and the ripping out of floors...and the clearing out of furniture....and the opportunity for a fresh perspective.

I've resisted this room being a place for our family to actually hang out and watch movies thinking it needed to be a school zone or something more grown up (read: no TV). 

Well, done and done.  

We won't need a space dedicated to homeschool next year, and whenever people come over we tend to linger in this combo/great room area.  Except there's really no place for people to sit, so half of us sit on the bar stools and the rest of us stand.  Lame.

The kids also enjoy playing and watching movies here.  And I love that, especially when I'm in the kitchen.

Soooooo, I think we're finally ready to claim this as a family space...a place where we can watch movies, curl up with a book, or thrown down with our favorite board games.

Yes, it has an enormous chunk of cabinetry dividing the space limiting our furniture layout, but I'm ready to break some rules and make it a comfortable spot for us to be a family together.  Hopefully, that will translate into a comfortable space when we have guests too.

The intended name and function of a room is not always going to suit your family's needs.  You may not have a need for a formal dining area, but desperately need a separate play area or office.  Or maybe you have two living areas but need a bigger area to host large dinner parties.

Do it!  Make that dining room into a kid zone!  Put a long dining table in that living room and start cooking for friends!  Make your house work for you and don't fight the way your family needs to use the space.

It's so easy to get caught up in what our house is not, but with a little creativity we can take what it is and make it work for us.  I don't ever want to forget the blessing of this house!  It is more than enough for us and I don't need to worry about following any rules for what a room "should" be or do.

I can't wait to jump in, starting with the wall color!  I've never loved it.  Correction, I really love it, but not in here.  We wanted a fun color as this was going to be our homeschool space, but since we don't really use it for school and I'm the only one that really cares about wall colors, it's gone.  I'm going with my gut for the new paint.  Hint: rhymes with shwhite.  Maybe it's because I loved the last room the buffet was in so much:

We're going for a similar vibe.  Light & bright, pops of color, warm woods, mixed metals.  Happy.

*Has anyone else been fighting with their house lately? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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