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Coffee Break: 40 Bags Progress and Favorite Reads

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*Thank you all for you sweet encouragement on my friendship and postpartum depression post.  Seems many of you have been through the same thing (and to a much worse degree).  I'm touched by your stories and am praying for each of you still in the trenches.

It's FRIIIIIIIII-DAAAAY!!!  Oh Friday, how do I love thee. 

And since I haven't been able to finish my post on the latest house project this week, I thought we would resurrect the ole Friday Coffee Break post to catch up.  I've got my coffee con dairy free creamer (experiments in baby fussiness) so let's get to chattin'....

40 Bags in 40 Days

How are my fellow purgers doing?  I was feeling frustrated...well, more like claustrophobic.  Even though we haven't been tackling our spaces at lightening speed, we've still been chugging right along at "I think I can, I think I can" pace.  But the house was feeling even more cluttered than before.  A bag here, a pile there.

I finally picked up all the bags and piles of things purged and loaded them up in the car.  Of course I did not grab a picture because I was too busy patting myself on the back for getting all 4 kids into the car without the baby crying.  Then she started crying. 

30 minutes later that stuff was donated and we came home to a house that was already feeling lighter.  I meant to make a donation run once a week during this process, but we were without a car for awhile, so more had piled up than I realized - a great thing!  And some much needed motivation to keep going!

Here's what we've ditched so far....

1 garbage bag of clothes from our closet
1 garbage bag of random kid stuff
One box full of decor/serving items I simply haven't found a place or use for in the year we've been here.
A bin full of school-type items
About two garbage bags worth of crap (i.e. broken toys, socks with mondo holes, etc.)

We also went through the boys' dresser.  Both of their shirt drawers were stuffed so full you could hardly open/close them and they kept going for the same few shirts on repeat that sit on top.  I mean really #firstworldproblems

Mia's dresser is on the docket this weekend.  I can hardly believe the last week of this 40 day challenge is coming  up.  I'm hoping to lean in and make a big dent in the areas I know we're carrying extra weight. 

Anyone have big weekend plans?  If you're up for relaxing with a few good reads, give these gems a click:

-This flower arrangements post.  I knew about the tape grid trick, but now I'm going to spiral like a boss.

-The homeschool/public/private school debate is always a hot one and as someone who has felt pressure/guilt on both sides I truly appreciated Bonnie's words in this post. I just want to hug her for it.


-My love for the Nester will never end.  Go paint that ugly floor! Because "you can't ruin what you already hate"

-And this trick for how to soften butter quickly....because I'm never prepared enough to have my butter at room temp for baking.

-If you're in need of some eye candy, go drool over Cassie's tile She's documenting the whole process of her kitchen reno and I wish it were a series on Netflix I could sit and binge watch in one all nighter. With dark chocolate M&Ms.

Have a great weekend, Friends!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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