House For Six

House For Six!

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Well Guys....we had a baby!  And our blog name is officially outdated.  On Jan 13th we welcomed Olivia Joy to our family and are now a house for six!  She made her debut a day late at 9lb 6oz and 21 inches long. 

The jury is still out on her eye color, but she has a full head of black hair and is absolutely none more than this sweet guy here.  Screaming or sleeping, he would be happy to hold her all the live long day.

I was looking through my phone and this is the last pregnant pic I could find.  It was the day before we went to the hospital and we braved the frigid wind for a walk around the block..all in the name of get-the-dang-baby-out.  And fresh air for the minions.  My mom is looking very Greek here, no? 

Thankfully James kept a "Dad's Log" once we got to the hospital (as he's done for all our kids), which means I can cheat with his notes for all the nitty gritty birth story details and let my baby brain off the hook a bit.  It's in the works.

We're s-l-o-w-l-y emerging from the newborn fog and I think we maaay be starting to fall into a bit of a.....rhythm.  Yes that.  Schedule or routine would be a bit of a stretch.  We'll say rhythm. 

I'll be honest, these past few weeks have been hard.  It's been a huge adjustment for our family.  Much harder than I anticipated in some ways and completely amazing in ways I didn't expect.  There has been so much beauty and tears and grace filling these days.  We just feel so thankful. 

And how is this baby 4 weeks old already?!?!
I hope you all have been well!  I've missed meeting here with you and look forward to catching up!  We did manage to finish a couple of small projects before Livi joined us and I can't wait to share those and get your feedback on some upcoming plans. You know I must be feeling more like myself if house projects are on the brain again *wink wink*

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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