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40 Bags For Lent: Ready For Some Serious Decrapifying!

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I'm at that place where I go through each day praying that no one knocks on the door....because then I would have to open it and reveal my complete wreck of a house.  Our home pretty much screams "SURVIVAL" at the moment. Or maybe even "I give up". 

And it should.  Newborn days are very much survival days, but the house crazy is starting to make all of us a little twitchy.

I managed to actually clear off a large counter yesterday that hadn't seen the light of day in months, and you would have thought I just returned from a relaxing day at the spa.  Clean surfaces....ahhhhhhhh.

A la Instagram:

As timing would have it, I also read Ann Marie's annual 40 Bags In 40 Days post which coincides with the 40 days of Lent.  I already knew that a spending freeze would be part of my Lent (after all the generous gifts from Christmas and birthdays and baby), but I think this would be the perfect compliment to that commitment.  We certainly aren't in need of more stuff, and we are in desperate need of dealing with the stuff we do have.

I've wanted to jump on this challenge in the past and have done several purges in the past few years (here and here), but I'm looking forward to tackling small areas at a time with better focus this round.  I tend to want to do it all at once or not at all.  If I can't tackle an entire area at once, then my procrastinating ways reign.  It's the same with our house projects...we tend to go on a big project kick and then go long stretches without touching a thing. 

But that approach isn't going to fly with a new babe in tow.  I have small windows throughout the day to get things done, so I need smaller doable tasks. Otherwise, the piles will continue to grow around here. 

Sadly, I'm not exaggerating.  Our dining room from my perch on the couch (an accurate depiction of the current state of our home)....

I'm using Ann Marie's printable to help keep me organized and motivated.  I filled it out in pencil - important since I ended up shifting things around.  Each week I'm focusing on one area/room of the house and slowly working my way from the main level, to the upstairs, and finally to the basement.  I'll post a weekly update here on the blog and will be sharing our progress throughout the 40 days on Facebook and the Gram.

Every time I have purged down our things to only that which we use, love, and truly need, it has been so freeing.  And brought such peace.  We've had so many changes over the past few kiddo is back in school, our new baby is here, and our schedules have drastically shifted.  We've all felt a bit out of sorts and I owe it to our family to provide a sure place to land.  We all operate better when we're in a good routine and when our home is working for us, not against us.  It's time to regain control and do some serious decrapifying.

So bring it on, Baby!  Who's with me?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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