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Hello 2015!

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Hey there!  I know for many of you today was the Monday of all Mondays as you went back to work and school after a nice Christmas break.  I hope it wasn't too painful and that you're now relaxing with some wine or beer or tea or whatever is your happy place.

About three weeks ago I called an indefinite time out on the homeschooling (hello 9th month of pregnancy).  We took our time decorating and tried not to kill ourselves making and mailing Christmas gifts. We barely succeeded in the not dying part.  Maybe that's what Sully's praying about in our family Christmas photo...

All I have to say is next year Amazon and I are going to be holiday BFF's.  I'm sure I sound like my grandmother here, but when did shipping get so pricey?!?   

I feel like we've been switching between Christmas mode and baby prep for the past few weeks and it had me completely stressed.  Of course my list of things to do was ridiculous and only a couple of items were actually necessary before the baby arrives.  But that crippling feeling of ohmygoshwehavesomuchtodoandnotimetodoit overshadowed the end of 2014 and it's not how I want to enter or operate in the new year.

The new year always feels like such a fresh mercies that are new every morning on the grandest scale.   I've spent a lot of time with blank notebooks and an empty planner reflecting, listening, and jotting notes.    

Although the ideas are still swirling, they all seem to have a common theme: simplify.  When I think about applying that to the different areas of our life everything in me just screams "YES".   I debated typing out all the ways I hope to do that in the coming year, but we're expecting this little lady any day now...

...and she sort of trumps all the plans.

Becoming a house for six is just one of the changes happening for our family this year.  I'm saving some of those updates for posts when our bambina arrives, but we'll definitely be doing some house tweaking and adapting some household systems in the coming year.

One of the big themes of this blog has always been getting creative in making your house work for you, not the other way around.  I'm excited to get back to that.  Over the past couple years we've also tried to embrace a more simple way of living - more of what we truly love and need, less of the rest.  All things that will carry over into 2015 for our House For SIX!

I guess we really do need to do something about that header....

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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