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Annual Gift Giving Trackers with Free Printables

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I know we are well beyond the Christmas season now, but I made a recent update to some of our holiday Home Management Binder printables and thought you might like them too.

I think we've all seen gift trackers that help keep us on budget and on schedule when it comes to holiday gifting.  I personally used Jen's this year, but the purpose for these is a little different.

We have a lot of cousins/nieces/nephews and sometimes I come across a great gift that I either want to remember to send them another year (because it won't be appropriate until they're a little older), or I can't remember if I've already gifted it to them on a previous occasion.  

So, I came up with this tracker to help me remember the gifts I've given in the past and to keep track of gift ideas for the future.  I write a different recipient's name in each of the blank spots on the top row, then I fill in the gift we sent that year.  If there's a gift I want to send when they're a little older I pencil that in the appropriate year's slot.  Tastes and interests change, so embrace the pencil! 
You can download a copy of the Christmas Gift Tracker HERE.  Print off as many sheets as you need to cover all those special peeps.

I realized this helped me remember how we gave during a given Christmas, but I could have given a gift during a birthday too.  So, I made another gift tracker for that which includes birthdays 1-18 years.  You can grab a copy of the Birthday Gift Tracker HERE(Something funky is going on with the title/header on the PDF version, so you can download the EXCEL document HERE)

Do you have a go-to gift for certain genders or ages?  How do you keep track of all those great gift ideas?  We do a lot of giving through Amazon since all of our family lives out of state, and as I was attempting to update these I was relieved to see that I could track my orders through Amazon pretty far back.  It's a start!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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