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Top Ten Posts From 2014!

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Happy (almost) New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying some time off!  We're attempting to put our house back in order after the wrapping paper bombs.....and I'm about ready to throw out all the sugary treats because even though I feel awful with every bite, I. just. can't. stop. 

Aside from the holiday cookie binging, we'll continue to celebrate the Christmas season through Epiphany on Jan 6th.  Which means most of our decorations are still up....although the tree known as "fire hazard" is getting the boot this week.

We're also due for a good Christmas decor purge before packing it all away.  We kept things simple this year and only pulled out about 1/2 of our decorations.  It was nice and I really didn't miss the rest.  I've got that New Year's urge to get organized and purge, coupled with some serious nesting. So, while we savor these last days of the season with a little nesting/purging on the side, here's a look back at our most popular posts from 2014....

I'm always curious to see which posts top the list and this year it was a pretty well rounded mix.  The chart topper went to the last post in a series I started at the end of 2013.  Our 31 Days of Moving is still one of our most popular series and this final post on Staying Organized On Moving Day with a full printable moving binder is king at numero uno.

Our house in NM was our first playground for any sort of DIY home improvement projects.  The learning curve was steep and it forced me to fight my inner perfectionist.  It's scary to think how much we would have missed if we hadn't been willing to welcome others into our imperfect spaces and lives.  I wrote about it in Letting Your Messy All Hang Out

Our Gold RASKOG Cart Makeover is #3!   This wasn't our first spruce up effort on this cart but it's my favorite.  This thing is so versatile and I still use it all over the house.
 fantastic DIY office makeover!

Sometimes the most simple tweaks make the biggest difference.  I wondered if sharing this simple trick for keeping your curtains from sliding all over the rod was even worthy of a post, but it turns out you all liked it too.
Such a simple way to keep your curtains from sliding all over the bar

Moving into a new home left us feeling all nostalgic over leaving our first "fixer" of a house.  We spilled our 7 Lessons Learned From Our First DIY House and they still ring true for us today!

One of my favorite projects in my office was this Letter Writing Station we put together for Mia.  She loves writing notes to her friends and family (both near and far) and we loved gathering everything she needed in one sweet spot. 
Letter writing station for a little correspondent

Pulling from our lessons learned, one of the first things we tackled in the new house was the floors on the main level.  I'm SO GLAD we did, but it was no easy task.  We had some lovely curves to deal with and this post on Working With A Curved Step was a popular read!

Squashing The Need Machine is one of those posts that I just keep coming back to.  I felt prompted to write it after an eye opening trip to one of my favorite shopping spots about how we fight the constant battle in our hearts over what we truly need. 
tips when you feel like you don't have enough

Number 9 is our Home Office Makeover! There were so many fun and easy DIY projects here.  It's sort of ironic that it started out as a little girl's room by the previous owners.  We transformed it into my office, and now it's in the process of going back to a little girl haven as we prepare for baby #4.
 fantastic DIY office makeover!

Rounding things out at number 10 is one of the less fun/easy and more annoying-but-totally-worth-it projects for that office:  Working With A Bad Bead Board Installation. We had to get a bit creative with this one, but we managed to avoid ripping out all the existing bead board and fixed the poor installation job.

Fixing gaps in beadboard

2014 was full of big changes for our family - an unexpected cross country move, a new house, new schools, new city, shifting to homeschool, and discovering that we would soon be a house for six.  More changes are in store for 2015 and I love this time of year when we can look back but also dream ahead.  I can't wait to share a bit of what's in store for the blog and our family in 2015!  I'm sure there will also be plenty of the unexpected/surprises in the coming year, both good and more challenging, but I feel so grateful for this space to share it.  Thank you for reading...for commenting...for sharing...for your encouragement.   They mean so much to me and I don't take a single one for granted. 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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