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Easy Homemade Gift Idea: Pocket Handwarmers

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If my daughter had her way we would be making every single gift from scratch and writing the book on a hand-made Christmas.  Not. happening.  At 8 months pregnant I just did not have it in me to go all out with sewing and crafting this year, but....I also didn't want to disappoint my mini-maker.  She's been asking to learn how to use the sewing machine, so we picked an easy gift idea that we could make without a lot of fuss or dollars. 

It turned out to be a super simple project....and also perfect for those "Shoot, I forgot to grab a gift for____!"

super easy rice filled pocket handwarmers

If you have pieces of scrap fabric and rice, you can bust out this project in just a few minutes. I started by laying a piece of fabric on my daughter's hand to get an idea of size.  They do "puff up" once filled with the rice, so we found a 2"x2" square template worked well (especially since you'll lose a bit to seam allowance).

I used the same 2 inch square as my template for all cutting and cut out no short of a billion squares from various fabrics.  Then.....

...we placed two fabric squares together with right sides facing in.

...we sewed three of the four sides together, making sure to reinforce the corners, then flipped it right side out.

...we filled the bag just over halfway full of rice.

Make sure you leave enough space to fold in the unfinished edges and sew it shut.

Since we were making a large number of these, I didn't take the time to hand sew them closed, but that would look the most finished.  Lazy-pants here just folded in the unfinished sides and ran it through the sewing machine to close up the bag.

Then tie them up by two's, add a tag if you like, and call it done! 
super easy rice filled pocket handwarmers

To use, simply pop in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and toss into your jacket pockets to keep your hands nice and toasty on a cold day.  You could also throw these in the freezer as a mini cold pack for minor boo-boos.

These would be a fun addition to a package full of warm and tasty treats or perfect as part of a teacher gift idea.
super easy rice filled pocket handwarmers

Had I thought about it sooner I would have added some cinnamon or spices to give it a festive aroma.  Lavender, vanilla, and other scents would be great for other occasions too!

What simple homemade gifts do you have up your sleeve?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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