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DIY Advent Wreath

Deme Crinion2 Comments
We've never had an Advent wreath and every year it's on my holiday to-do/acquire list. Then, somehow the season slips by with nary a purple candle in sight.

So this year....this year!  I would do it and do it before Advent started.

Then, I couldn't find purple or pink candles at the craft store....and my wreath was too high and close to the wicks for the candles I did get...and the makeshift platform we constructed to raise them up wasn't exactly "stable".

I was tempted to run right back out to the store, but decided to make do with what I had at home.  We ended up with something a little non-traditional, but we've enjoyed it's light at dinner every night (even though it was a couple of days into Advent before I finished it).

This project was far too simple to rate a tutorial, but here's the basic idea....

platter + greens + candles + pink/purple

I ended up using this (plastic) silver plate that I had under our too-big wreath as a base, but any plate or serving platter will do.  I think a cake stand could also be awesome.
When James trimmed the lower branches off our tree, I snagged up those trimmings and started tucking them around/under the candles. 

I couldn't find pink and purple candles at the store, so I grabbed something in those colors that I could add to a white candle.  I loved these mini ornaments, but you could use anything....colored ribbon, a scrapping embellishment, a strip of paper with washi tape, or you could even paint-dip the lower half.
Just to keep things from getting too blinged out, I used some natural twine to tie on the bulbs.

The kids love taking turns lighting and blowing the candles out each day and it's become a little spot of serenity in the house for me too....if I ignore the breakfast crumbs on the table and under my feet.

This little project was a good reminder that things don't have to be expensive or elaborate to be special.  I can easily get wrapped up with a vision for something, but whenever I'm forced to use what I have, I usually end up just as happy with the results.  Maybe even more so knowing that I didn't spend more money to bring it together.   

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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