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Advent and a Free Printable!

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It's here!  Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, so let the Christmas preparations commence!  Of course, I don't have nearly as much done and ready as I had planned.....Christmas cards mailed?  Haven't even taken the photo.....Gifts all purchased/made/wrapped?  Not even close.  But you know what?  I'm cutting myself some slack.  We're getting there (little by little) and I'm determined not to let the holiday pressure steal the joy and wonder of the slower movements of this season.

Just because my Advent wreath is still in pieces doesn't mean that we can't light the candles....and just because our family advent calendar is not quite put together yet, doesn't mean we can't start on the activities.  Late is ok.  Imperfect is welcome. 

With that said, my kids were so excited to help work on the wreath and light that first candle marking the beginning of the season.  There's something magical about candlelight anyway, but the single flame was a small reminder that something really special is about to happen. 

One of our family's favorite traditions during this time of year is our Advent Activity Calendar.  I'm still setting it up but the great thing is this can be as simple or as elaborate as you like....just a special activity revealed each day for your family to do together.  Our kids love the anticipation and discovery of each new day's activity. 

When we plan ours out, we look at our calendar and put any scheduled activities (like holiday concerts, plays, etc.) in their respective numbered days.   Then will fill in the other days with the rest.  We've made the mistake of putting all the cards in envelopes (or whatever you decide to use) at once and then having to dig them out to rearrange as the weather or calendar changes.  So this time, we're placing each day's activity in the night before.

Need some ideas for your own family?  I'll be sharing ours here shortly, but in the meantime here's some great ideas from Penny:

I whipped up a few card templates in PicMonkey to write down the activities for our own calendar, but you can download a blank version to jot down your own activities by clicking the links below the images.  It prints 6 cards to one page.

Has everyone else jumped right into Advent and the Christmas prep?  We're already seeing Christmas lights on the houses and trees lighting up the windows around our neighborhood.  What are some of your favorite traditions for this time of year?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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