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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 7: Bringing In Fall

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Every year it's the same story...

This is the year I will really decorate for the holidays.

I will totally style a mantle

I will make some boring object uber fabulous with a gold-leaf technique.

I will make batches and batches of homemade cookies and deliver them to our neighbors in perfectly packaged bundles of happiness.

I will set a beautiful tablescape.

I will get my craft on with the kids.

I. WILL. paint. pumpkins.

And it never happens.  I overwhelm myself with all of my own great ideas that I can hardly set out a pumpkin.  So, in the spirit of this here 31 Days of Life Simplified series, I'm setting the bar reeeeeal low for myself.  No super lofty lists, no elaborate plans...just bring in a bit of fall here and there.

We've got a few ideas for keeping things simple and doable when it's time to pull out the holiday bins...

Love A Few Favorites. 

It might be tempting to stock up boxes of holiday decor, but it can be a pain to store, a pain to sort through, and a pain to put up.  Not to mention expensive.  The real temptation comes at the end of the season when that glorious red 75% off sign goes up.  Be STRONG!

I try to keep our fall decor to one large bin.  That's Halloween and Thanksgiving.  So, if I find the greatest bargain of all pumpkin bargains, then it has to fit in the bin.  If it doesn't, then it goes back or we bid farewell to something from the bin.  And hopefully that bin is filled with mostly timeless items you love to use over and over again.

One year my mom got me these pumpkins from a little shop in the mountains.  

I've never really seen anything like them and I love their quirkiness.  

I look forward to finding a special spot for them each year.  Keepers!
They're also not holiday specific, like Halloween or Thanksgiving, which means I get a whole lot more use out of them as a seasonal item. 

Food Is Cheap and Pretty.

The fall harvest is some of my favorite and simply putting your bounty on the counter adds to the "fall is here" party.

I had this vase/pitcher and stacking measuring cups out by our sink for most of spring and summer.

After a trip to the slightly underwhelming orchard, we put out our bazillion miniature sized apples along with some apple cider packets.

I mean really.  It's apple cider.  How can you be mad at anything (even a sink full of dishes) with such goodness waiting to reward you.

Shop The Yard

Last year we hosted Thanksgiving and I found myself a little low on fall decorations for the table.  So, I sent my free mini laborers outside to collect pine cones.  We slapped a little gold craft paint on them, then threw some in glass jars and stuck place cards in the rest.  Free table decor!

These are my every day dishes.  They have a leaf print around the edge which makes them fine for everyday and fantastic for holidays.  I found them at an outlet store and they were marked down on top of that because the leaf print on some of the place settings is slightly off.  I ain't picky and they've been serving us well ever since.
And that "napkin ring" is actually a cheapo stretchy pearl bracelet from Tar-jay.   Nothing but classy up in here.

Combine free stuff from your yard with cheap food items in the way of magical smelling pinon coffee beans and you have an easy, heavenly fall decor project....for like under five bucks. 

These pinon coffee beans have a chocolate undertone and oh my gosh if I don't want to down a pan of brownies every time I pass by this thing.  Candle holder + branches from yard + vanilla candles + coffee beans = something really good.

Embrace The Printable
There is so much talent around the interwebs, but there's a lot of wonderful generosity too.  Some beloved bloggers have been offering free fall downloads for their readers and it's a fun, free, and instant update for around the home.

I love coming and going to this beauty of Autumn Essentials by Jones Design Company on our shoe cabinet.

I have a couple more to print and hang, but even adding this one helped brighten my mood.

Switch Up What You Have

We have a three-prong hook right by our front door that I clear off when we have guests...otherwise it's usually home to my sweater/scarf/bag/shoes/whatever else I dump there.  It sort of updates itself with the seasons as I transition my own closet - no-brainer decorating.  And I really need to clean that mirror...

I'm one of those weirdos that needs to have a blanket when I'm sitting on the couch no matter the time of year.  The A/C and I have an understanding. Just swapping out a light throw for something more cozy and adding a pillow I had from Big Lots gave the living room a bit of a fall update.

I still have a few Halloween decorations to put up, but figure that's 3 long weeks away.  In the meantime we'll just enjoy the fact that it's feeling a little more like fall around here.

And lucky for you, it's a Blog Hop!  Our lovely host Bonnie asked some ladies to share their autumnal hominess..... hop over and pay these ladies a fall visit! 

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