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31 Days of Life Simplified: Purge, Organize, & Breath

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It's here!!!  The

31 Days writing challenge

(hosted by

The Nester

) kicks off today!

I love this challenge for the growth it brings as a writer and I love the unplanned posts that often come from this series.  I also love choosing a topic that will encourage me to take back some area of our home or life that's gone off course.  Why not be productive while we're at it, right?

The first year I went on a spending freeze and wrote on

31 Day of Working With What You Have

.  The second year helped me avoid certifiable status during our cross-country move and develop some helpful tools for anyone with a move in their future with our

31 Days of Moving


So, what about this year? 

Welcome to...

Right now, there are several areas in our home that could eat me alive.  Most are closets, but sadly, some are full sized rooms. My small children are at the greatest risk of being swallowed whole by a mound of to-be-filed papers or buried under an off-season clothes avalanche.

These areas of the house stress. me. out.  They stress out my husband.  They make getting out the door a far bigger production that it needs to be, because where the heck are the soccer socks??

Drowning would be a good way to describe how I feel about the majority of our spaces right now.  Life changes can often mean transitioning spaces that need to adapt to a new function, and sometimes it's just the busyness of life that leaves us without much opportunity for wading through paper piles and painting walls.

It's been a cocktail of both that has lead to our most recent house on the way, a shift to homeschool, a semi-recent move, and the busyness that seems to pop up at the end of every summer. I'm ready to feel a little lighter.  Ready to restore order to the chaos.  Ready to ditch what's not working and find systems that work for our family's needs, right now. 

I always know it's time for a good purge/clean out when our spaces are overrun with STUFF and yet I have a growing list of things I "need" that would make my life so much better.  I've found that whenever that overwhelming

Need Machine

kicks into high gear that it's the perfect time for me to do the opposite and start getting rid of stuff.

It's so much easier to maintain less and our home is a lot more peaceful when we have systems in place that actually work.  Sometimes it takes a little out-of-the-box thinking to get there, but mostly it's just rolling up our sleeves and jumping in.

So, the next 31 days we're on a mission to stop avoiding the areas in our home that are out of control.  We'll be traveling to dark and dangerous places, like linen closets and junk drawers. 

I have no disillusions about having a blissfully organized home in just one month's time....but we'll hit it head on and see how big of a dent we can make.  And we're going to toast each little victory along the way!

I'll be updating this page with all 31 posts as they're published, so you can catch anything you missed right here.  You can also follow along on

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