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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 9: A Purged & Organized Closet

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The first space on our purging radar for this 31 Day series was our master closet.  I have no idea why....

...the shame!

...the horror!

My goal for this closet was to simply get it purged of clothes that didn't fit or that I didn't wear and to get it organized....worry about the pretty stuff later.  There were my regular clothes, maternity clothes, and all sizes in between.  Turns out a little editing down and organization can do a world of good in the pretty-up department.

The only things in this closet now are items that will take me through my last trimester or regular clothes that I can still use as layering items (i.e. regular flannel unbuttoned over a maternity tank).  The rest went into storage bins under our bed.

Let's all breath a collective sigh of relief...
The drawers hold shirts, sweaters, pj's, jeans/pants, workout clothes, undergarments, and socks/tights/leggings. Everything else is on a hanger.  I also moved my summer shoes to the top cubbies.  The shoes I wear most days are downstairs in our shoe cabinet.

I found that if I tried to create stacks of clothes on the shelves they just ended up in a heap.  I couldn't tell what was clean or dirty because nothing stayed folded.  Now that all clothes are either on a hanger or in a drawer, I can leave this space open for accessories or who knows what.

This side of the closet was the biggest improvement.  We ditched the catch all shelves and my long dresses can now hang freely and my taller boots have a place to land.

How about a side by side for that one?

I'm using a pant hanger to corral my scarves but would like to change this up eventually.

I still need to address my belts and jewelry, but it's a huge relief to know that I can actually wear everything in this closet.  I like that there's extra space to breath and miraculously, the nervous twitch that used to strike when I walked in here has vanished.  Now, onto that coat closet!

I would love to hear how you keep your closet from turning into chaos!  How do you keep things organized?

*This is part of the 31 Days of Life Simplified series...catch all the posts right here!

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