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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 8: The Coat Closet That Could

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I've got a post coming tomorrow on how we reorganized our master closet.  And as we wrap that one up with a nice "done for now" bow, we're setting our sights on our next victim:  the coat closet

We're lucky to even have a closet in our front entry, but it's a straight up disaster.  It's not small (almost a long/narrow full size) and yet I feel like it's failing. 

Because remember this:

Shameful, I know.  I'm just going to tell myself that every coat closet known to man has this same issue.  It wants to be great and help out it's beloved family, but it's just can't.  It doesn't have the right tools. Or competent homeowners.

But we're going to help our dear closet.  What we really need is space to hang multiple bags, sweaters, and coats....a place for wet shoes to dry....a spot to store some out of season items and make the current ones accessible....a place that doesn't make me cry and where I can see the floor.

As we started thinking about how we can maximize this space, my mind immediately went to this coat closet makeover I've always drooled over by House of Smiths.

Incredible, right?  But after seeing what a bag lady family we've become (bag for piano, bag for soccer, bag for school, bags, bags, I love bags) and the need for a place to set our wet boots during this place that gets real snow that actually sticks to the ground....a bench was a no-go.  We really need any and all wall/floor space.

We're thinking something along these lines would better suit our needs...


Except we plan to keep the upper shelf and just ditch the long closet rod.  Sort of like this beauty from Classy Clutter:

I picked up a couple of boot trays, trim, and hooks - armed and ready to tackle the beast!  I think.  No don't think about it....just do it.  Who's with me?!

*This is part of the 31 Days of Life Simplified series...catch all the posts right here!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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