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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 6: The Family Calendar

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I've been posting late at night, so technically, I think I'm a day behind on our 31 Days of Life Simplified series.  I'm counting today as Day 6 (even though it's the 7th) and we're talking calendars.  Something that hasn't been so simple for us in the past.

As our kids get older and we get more involved with all their activities, our calendar can easily get out of control.  For a couple years, we used this DIY chalkboard calendar to keep track of all our comings/goings.  

We kept it in the kitchen where it was an easy visual for the coming week....or more often, to tell me what I was supposed to be doing that day.

It was great.  Everything in one spot instead of having to consult a bunch of different notebooks and calendars.  Except when we weren't home.

If something came up on James' work calendar he would have to call me to see if it conflicted with our family's schedule or wait until he got home to check the board and chat.  It also wasn't available when we were trying to schedule an appointment or meeting while away from the house.  I had to do a lot of rescheduling.

We didn't really have a spot for the old calendar in our new kitchen area (not a lot of open wall space), but we thought it might be time for a change anyway.

So, we switched to a shared electronic Google calendar.  James and I can both add events and it automatically updates for both of us.  I can also sync the calendar with my smart phone, but my old school hubby still uses his beloved flip phone. Perhaps one day he'll venture into smart phone waters, but for now at least he has access to the calendar while he's at work or has his laptop.

We have a little pow-pow on Sundays to look at the calendar together and talk through the coming week.  It took us a few weeks to get used to it, but now it's become an easy habit (I speak for myself here).

In addition to the Google calendar, I also have a personal planner/calendar that is the organizer of my brain. I have the large 2014 planner by Sugar Paper pictured below (the one open to the notes page) that I picked up from Target.
 (image via Sugar Paper)

I use this as more of my working calendar.  The two-page monthly calendar is used to schedule out blog posts and the two-page weekly sections are where I keep notes, to-do lists and important family events.  I've tried several planners before and almost gave up on the idea, until the stars aligned and I met "the one".  This just works with the way my brain works.  Which obviously may not be the same for you.
Anything that's a major event or that I need extra reminders not to forget, I pin up on my weekly cork board.
In a highly digital world, I'm still a pen/paper girl at heart.  So far the Google calendar + personal planner seems to be the best combo for me.

What about you?  How do you keep track of you or your family's activities?  Do you keep it all in one central location or have a whole team of tools that help you keep track of it all?  Are electronic all the way or need to write it down?

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