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31 Days of Life Simplified Day 2: The Dark Places

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Welcome to Day 2 of our 31 Days of Life Simplified series! 

Over the next 31 days we'll be putting on our big girl (or boy) pants and digging into to the piles...the messes...the dark and scary places that have overtaken our homes.  Lest you feel like my messes are cute and mini-sized, here's the shameful truth....

*Warning: viewing these photos may suck the happiness right out of you.

This is the view as you enter our master bedroom.  That's right - OASIS.  Doesn't it just ooze serenity and rest? 
 That's actually a pile of 3rd trimester maternity clothes, mixed in with our daughter's fall/winter clothes on the settee, the rug for the nursery on the floor, and a box of baby clothes ready to be washed.

On my poor husband's side of the bed is another bin of kids fall/winter clothes waiting to be sorted, a sleeping bag, TV, and empty suitcase.  Could not be more random.

These piles are not hard to take care of....most are clothes that need to be sorted and swapped out with the summer duds currently in our closets. The baby gear needs to head over to, well...the baby's room.  It's not hard, it's just needs some dedicated time and lack of laziness.  Ahem.  

Unfortunately, our master closet isn't much better.  It's a pretty tight space, but has a great built-in closet system.  Yet, more randomness abounds in here...

Everything looks cramped and squished in here, but we really aren't using this built-in space to our greatest advantage. Some things will definitely shift around, but not before a good purge.  I also need to do a final swap out of my regular/maternity clothes.  I'm at that point where the belly has stretched my regular shirts to their max.

 Linen closet.  Uh, maybe fold some stuff?  And probably part ways with a few things.

Office closet.  This one is so bad.  You can see why it didn't make the final office reveal post.  I simply shoved all our office and craft supplies in here with the intention of organizing them "soon".  Since my office will be switching over to Babyville, I'm not going to waste time organizing these supplies in this spot.  A few things will stay and the rest will be relocated to other areas TBD.

More embarrassment.  This is the coat closet that sits right between our front door and garage door entry.  It could be working so much harder for us and is clearly crying out for some responsible person to tend to it.
 We have some fun plans in store for this little space and hopefully a few key changes will make coming & going a much more pleasant experience.

Recent birthday celebrations brought a new load of LEGO's into our household and they have claimed our dining room table. We really don't have a spot for these and it's no exaggeration to say they are taking over the house.  We definitely need a LEGO storage solution before I just start chucking pieces in the trash.

These are the worst of our spaces.  The darkest of the dark.  There are plenty of other smaller zones, topics, and household systems/routines that we'll hit in between. And maybe if I'm brave enough, the garage.  Eek!

But first up is the master bedroom closet.  I'm not planning a major DIY effort or makeover in there - just a good clean out and little bit of rearranging.  We'll walk through how to make a closet space really work to meet your needs.  Sometimes a space can feel like it's all wrong and needs a complete do-over...when really, just a few tweaks can make all the difference.  Progress and the plan is tomorrow!

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Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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