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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 16: Nursery Essentials & Mood Board

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Now that we have a general plan for relocating my office, we get to have some fun putting together a space for this little girl

When we moved to Ohio, we didn't know if more kiddos were in our future.  Not wanting to pack, move, and store a bunch of baby/maternity stuff for "maybe", we gave it all away to other mommas that were actually living that season of life.  I gave all my maternity clothes to a pregnant friend, offered our baby toys and gear to friends with tots, and donated or sold the rest. 

And here we find ourselves expecting baby #4 with nary a boppy in sight.  Do I regret giving all that stuff away?  Not. at. all.  The thing is when you have friends with young kids and growing families, eventually it all comes back around.  I'm so glad those things went to people that needed them at that moment.  We didn't.  And I can't even begin to explain how good God has been in providing for us this time around....both tangibly and with a fresh perspective.

With our first, we got ALL the baby things.  We were excited.  Our family was excited.  And the bambina was showered accordingly.   Having done this a few times I think we have a much different idea of what we truly need to survive with a baby....although, it's been a couple years, so we might be completely delusional. 

I'm working on a series of baby/maternity posts with this minimalist, more simplified perspective in mind.  Today, I get to dream about nurseries.  I know not everyone has an entire room to dedicate to one child, but this can easily be adjusted for whatever corner you carve out for baby in your home. 

Our babe's room is pretty small at 10ft x 10ft, so minimal is sort of essential here.  This is what we have in mind for her space....

The three main pieces of furniture we're bringing in are a crib, chair, & dresser.  Not much else will fit, but not much else is needed. 
Babies need a safe place to sleep, and this is probably most important.  We actually use a pack n play with bassinet attachment while the baby is still bunking up in our room, but we often do naps in the crib before the baby moves on out for the night. 

This birch crib by Oeuf is waaay over our price range, but I think you can find something of good quality for much less.  Aesthetically, we probably won't find an exact match, but we can still find something with simple clean lines and that light, natural feel without blowing our this option from Amazon or this one from Ikea.  We look for a sturdy crib that meets safety standards, non-toxic finishes (because our crazy babes like to snack on wood), an adjustable mattress, and toddler bed convertible to get the most bang for our buck.

If you really need to keep costs low, check out craigslist, garage sales, and second hand stores. Or be patient for those holiday sales.

A comfy chair isn't totally necessary for a nursery, but it sure is nice.  Especially for those 2 am feedings.  If you're going to invest, think about a quality piece that can do double duty someplace else in your house once the baby is older.  Or something that can double as a reading chair in a big kid room.  Gliders and rockers have come a long way, but they can also get really pricey. 

The Sleepytime Rocker pictured above is out of our budget, but I'm hoping to find something similar.  We also tried to jog our out-of-practice-infant-parent-brains to remember if we really used the rocking/gliding motion that much.  You can find quite the handsome and comfy stationary chair for a lot less.  We're going to keep our eyes and options open. and Amazon seem to have some decent options, but we'll be trolling craigslist and some of our local stores too.

If your nursery room has a closet you can probably get away without a dresser.  We've always used one and had it pull double duty as a changing table.  I have some back issues so I appreciate being able to work my diaper skills at a comfortable height.  A dresser also gets a lot more longevity that route since you can just remove the changing pad once you bid goodbye to diapers.....and it gives you more choices for style and finish.

This aqua number on the mood board is a refinished piece by Anneke over at This, That & Life.
I love the way a fresh coat of paint gave an old piece new life.  We have an awesome neighbor that GAVE US an amazing old dresser for this baby that will look amazing with a little paint.  I'm thinking something minty fresh.

The rest is just for fun! The Oriental Weavers Kaleidoscope Rug is something we already have and is inspiring the colors in this room...along with that gorgeous mint wrapping paper.  I'm thinking we'll frame out a piece or wrap some storage boxes with it. 

I'm hoping to find a reasonably priced pouf to use as a foot rest/ottoman...something like this white one from Land of Nod

I stumbled on this animal hamper and thought it was such a fun touch of whimsy (holding out for a sale!) and I'm in love with this  Psalm 139 Elephant print from Naptime Diaries.

I'm still completely on the fence about fabrics, but that beauty on the bottom is Manchester Ecru by Premier Prints.  I'm thinking about it for curtains, but whatever we choose needs to address the light factor and help with the heat/cold....since our windows on that floor are paper thin.

I have a post coming next week on all the other baby essentials that may or may not actually be....essential. But this is how we're approaching a very basic nursery, without all the extras.  What are your main essentials when it comes to a space for baby?

*This post is part of the 31 Days of Life Simplified series....catch all the posts right here!  

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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