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31 Days Of Life Simplified, Day 15: Simplifying The Daily Routine

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Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement about our pregnancy last week...both here and over on Instagram / Facebook.  I never want to complain about minor issues when there are those fighting much harder battles.  However, this is our current reality and we're trying to adjust. 

I'm also trying not to freak out since the stretching/growing/pulling up to now (28 weeks) has caused some issues and I tend towards enormous in the 3rd trimester.  Our babies are......large.  Mia - 9 lb 8 oz (10 days late),....Sully - 8 lb 9 oz (5 days late).....Jack - 9 lb 7 oz (one day late).  Thankfully, I have a husband that can talk me down from the sanity ledge and a doctor who I trust. In the meantime, there's a whole lot of this happening.... 
Look, Mom - that's me resting and NOT doing things!

It's probably clear that this will not be 31 days of consecutive posting for me.  I need to slow down and I'm trying to be a good girl by not pushing myself....BUT!  I'm not at all abandoning this series!

It's very timely for us as we get the house ready for our newest bambina, albeit at a slower pace, and we still have lots to chat about when it comes to paring down and getting things in order.  Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing the content just to meet the day's deadline in a challenge like this, so hopefully spreading it out will make for a better series all around.

This hernia issue sort of snuck up on us...earlier than expected anyway.  So, James and I had a little pow-pow about how we plan to scale back and make things work between now and the baby's arrival.

These "reevaluate talks" are something we've had to do multiple times throughout our marriage.  Life has busier and more difficult seasons than others, which often require a good ol' reality check of priorities.  We looked at our schedule for the coming months and here's how we're attempting to simplify our daily/weekly routine.

Figure out what's not necessary and ditch it.   

Since busy/active days tend to aggravate my hernia site more than the low key variety, we're trying to limit the extras we put on the calendar.  It's crappy timing with all the fun holiday events coming up...but given how crazy our last holiday season was, this might be a nice change of pace for our family. 

I'm most concerned about the things I'm committed to helping lead or teach.  I just have to take my own advice and not worry about letting people down.  I'm not bailing on anyone right this instant and have enough time to help find a replacement.  I need to check my ego and accept that I'm not the only one who can do the job.  There are many other gifted and generous people out there that may not otherwise step up, if not given the opportunity. 

Identify the crazy inducers 

It's not just commitments outside of the house that can wipe me out.  We tried to narrow down the areas of the day that are most stressful and physically challenging.

Chart topper is the dinner hour.  Even though our boys still nap, I'm beat by the afternoon.   We usually hit up Kroger on Saturdays, so James is going to help with some food prep for the week on Sundays.  He loves being in the kitchen and doesn't mind chopping vegetables or throwing a few extra meats on the grill.

Pregnancy brain has officially taken over and even if I can get to the grocery store solo without 3 little distractions helpers, I still manage to forget at least 3 things on our list.  Since my brain is mush, James has done the grocery shopping the past two weeks and it's been awesome.  Somehow, he manages to get everything on the list and spend less money than I would.  Sure we may be eating a few more processed items, but I'm zipping my lips because we have food and don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  Or something.

Aside from that, we'll be cooking some double portion meals, so we can freeze half for a later date.  I'm going to do the remaining daily dinner prep in the mornings when I have energy and I think it's time I get reacquainted with our crockpot. Funny, we wrote a post all about that right here.....guess I should actually get back to using our own tips, eh?

Build margin into the schedule

This one's for you, Mom. That wise gal has always told me that I need to leave more margin in my life.  I have a tendency to leave little cushion or room for error.   As in we try to get out the door by 4:00 for a 4:30 lesson, but I know that my drop dead time to pull out of the driveway without being late is we pull out of the driveway at 4:13.

I know that if we have a busy morning running from one activity or errand to the next, I will be really hurting by the afternoon.  And if we have an afternoon commitment on top of that, then I'll be paying for it that evening and into the next day. 

So right now, margin for me is not so much about leaving myself enough time to get places on time, but about not overloading our day/week simply because the time is there.

Stop being so stubborn and accept help

Why is it so hard to just let our friends do things for us?  Am I embarrassed they'll see the dilapidated state of my house?  Will they think I'm needy and that they can't count on me when they need it?  There are some things we simply aren't mean to do alone.  It really does take a village and I wish we lived in a time where that was a more natural way of life....instead of Supermom mentality.

We have such wonderfully generous friends that have offered to bring meals, help cook, watch the name it.  And I would joyfully do it for them in a heartbeat if the tables were turned, so I need to check the pride at the door and be honest when we could use a little help.

The rest of our conversation was about other things we can do if necessary - James can work from home a couple hours a day or adjust his schedule to be at home during key times.  We might look into having someone help with the cleaning every couple of weeks and maybe even have a mom's helper come hang out with the kids for awhile. 

We're really thankful to have these options and to have support here, especially with our families so far away.  It's just all much easier to say than to do.  I'm a great list maker and an average list, I'm going to try to up my game on this one.  Or lower my game since I'm supposed to be doing less.  Now that's just confusing.

I would love to hear from you!  How do you cut back when life deals up an ugly hand?  What about when the regular schedule all of a sudden becomes packed and do you get things back on track?

*This is part of a 31 Day series on Life Simplified.....catch all the posts right here.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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