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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 13: Dividing The Home Office

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One of the most loved and most used rooms in our home (by me anyway) is my recently finished home office.  
fantastic DIY office makeover!

I realize that I'm completely spoiled to even have 10x10 ft of space dedicated all to myself, but our newest little miss will be here before we know it, so it's time to transition this space over. 

The challenge is addressing the multifunctional nature of the room - namely my mammoth sized desk.  It's actually three pieces fitted together to form a large L-shape and each section is a designated work zone:  craft/sewing, writing/blogging, household management. 

Unfortunately, it's just too big to simply plop down someplace else in the we're not just breaking up the pieces, we're breaking up the zones. 

We have this built-in desk in our kitchen/great room.  It's sort of a catch all for school stuff at the moment, but I think it's going to be the perfect location for taking care of household management items.  We already sort our mail near here and it's in the central hub of our home.  One of the drawers is even a filing cabinet.  

A photo from moving day.  Because I don't have an updated one (hangs head in shame)....

She'll probably get a fresh coat of paint, some new hardware (which I already have), and possibly a new top.  But either way, it's a nice large surface with plenty of storage.  That's one down!

The other zone I think I've worked out is my personal writing/blogging/emailing area.  Do you remember when I moved my small white desk out of the office to make room for the mega-L?  I put it next to my bed to act as a nightstand.....where it has since taken on the role of pile-magnet. 

It does not look like this picture.  It's much worse.

I kept meaning to really set up this area, but am now glad that my procrastination is reaping some benefits - it's about time! 

My laptop fits here perfectly and I'll still have room for a lamp, some books and whatever else nightstands have.  It also has a shallow keyboard drawer that will give me a little storage.  I have another chair to use with the built-in desk downstairs, so my current office chair will probably end up here too. 

Who knows, maybe we'll eventually paint some walls and work on a headboard.  Maybe.  But hey - that's two zones taken care of!

The third zone is the hardest, because it's comes with the most stuff.  It's not just finding a surface for my sewing machine but finding a place for the sewing cart, and fabrics, and craft supplies, and basically all the crap in my overstuffed office closet.  I'll be purging through that stuff soon, but I'm thinking the guest bedroom in the basement will probably be the best solution.  Do I sound convincing?  Yeah...I'm still at a loss.  I figure purge first, then deal with it. 

Once we finish the terrifying task of organizing the coat closet, setting up these zones will be the priority.  If I survive the initial clean out, a coat closet update will be next.

Do you have a dedicated home office?  Is it a separate room or have you stolen space from someplace else in the house?

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