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31 Days of Life Simplified, Day 12: My Favorite Room

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I know I missed posting yesterday, but I found myself tempted to throw something together...and that's not really fair to you or me.  So, back on track today!

When I was tossing around topic ideas for this series I wrote down a bunch of post/project ideas that I already had brewing for the coming months and tried to identify a common theme.  Captain Obvious waved a flag of desperation as he drowned in clutter and chaotic spaces. A good dose of purging, organization, and purpose was clearly needed in so many areas of our home.

Now, you will never hear me tell you that you should keep your home sparkling clean at all times.  Homes are meant to be lived in and while a clean home is nice, attempting to keep it perfect around the clock is likely to make you crazy instead of put you at peace.

However.  I absolutely stand by a space that has a clear purpose and is organized to best serve its function. Why have the coffee grounds on the opposite end of the kitchen as the coffee machine, that's far from the water, further from the filters, and the all important cream and sugar?  Having things set up to efficiently serve the way you work and move in a space saves time and sanity.
 coffee station

Over the years, we've also found that living with less has been a huge blessing. Sometimes it's a responsive push back against that cultural need machine (whispering that we need just one more thing to make us happy)...and other times it's an intentional effort to pare down and live more simply.  Less attached to our stuff and to keeping up with the Jones'. 

Whenever I'm asked about our most popular posts, I'm hesitant.  They've topped the view charts thanks to Pinterest and they're all about toilet rings and purging down to a minimalist wardrobe.  Nothing to do with home decor...or DIY...or even the crafty result of some creative epiphany.  I never felt they showcased the DIY side of our blog, which is what I felt was the expected I usually site our kitchen makeover (number 3 on the list).

Yet, my most popular posts remain those that help with household management, living on less, and yes, battling toilet rings.  Our big makeovers are popular too, but it's funny how you can ignore the large blinking lights when you don't want to see them.  I think the vision I had for the blog and our home was just different that what it was intended to be.

Last year I finally gave up on wanting a picture perfect home.  Because in reality that's not the kind of home I want to live in.  It was so freeing to have the "aha" moment of realizing that I didn't actually want all of that beautiful glitz and glam and vintage modern in my own house.  That I could admire it from afar and as well as those who wield their amazing home design wands to bring those visions to life in their homes.  But I wanted something different in my own.

I've even been scared of straying from my self-dubbed color loving ways.  Even though I've been pulled to a much more subdued color palette since my whole house epiphany.  

But no more being afraid.  I want my home to be warm, comfortable, inviting...I want it to tell our own unique story....I want it to have some quirks, because we're all a bit quirky....and I don't want it to hide the fact that children live here. 

Aside from how it looks and feels, I want it to be the place that grounds us and brings us peace when we enter it's doors from the fast-paced world outside.  Hopefully, all the projects we do around here serve that purpose - they either help simplify our day-to-day routine, restore order, or add meaningful beauty to our space.

My favorite room in our house is the living room.  Why?  It feels calm and serene to me, even though it's not "finished". 

It's purpose is clear and there's nothing in there that doesn't serve that purpose....we snuggle up for stories on the couch so there's a basket of our favorite books nearby.....I like to try to steal a few quiet minutes here in the morning, so there's also a small side table with books, journals, and's also a music room, so our piano and guitars are here...along with a large cabinet that houses extra music books, other small instruments, and our regular decor that we store during the holidays.  And a basket of play instruments for the little ones.

Everything has a designated place, so when it gets lived in and loved, as it should, it's fairly easy to clean it up at the end of the day.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of the house, but that's what we're working towards!   It's the heart of this 31 Day series and after a little weekend away, I'm ready to get back to it!

What's your favorite room in the home?  What makes it your favorite?

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