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31 Days Life Simplified, Day 5: Ditch The Doors

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Or whatever it is that's bothering you! 

It's amazing how long we can live with something just because it's "supposed" to be there....even though it drives us bonkers!

It's Day 5 in our 31 Days of Life Simplified series and as we finished putting our master closet back together we made one final change to this small space.

Earlier James was going into the closet and mentioned his disdain for the placement of the closet light switch.  These are the closet doors and the light switch is just to the left.  Seems like a logical placement for a light switch, right?

Sure. If we kept the doors closed.  But we don't.  We keep them like this:
Because it's much easier to walk in and out without bothering with the doors.  Except when you have to use the light switch. 

The light switch that mocks us hides behind the doors when they are open.

We talked and couldn't find a good reason to keep the doors, since we only ever move them to get to the, off they went!  This doorway is inside our bathroom area, so the doors aren't needed for privacy.  The second they were off I wondered why we hadn't done it sooner. 

It's not the first space we've ripped off the doors and breathed a sigh of relief...



Ok, these make me look like a closet door hater, but I'm not.  I can appreciate a good, functioning closet door with the best of them.  All three of these closets had two sliding panels for doors that only allowed you to access half of the closet at a time.  Personally, it made me crazy not to be able to see the whole closet at once.  And with the doors removed, it was much easier for our kids to access and maintain too.  

It didn't even occur to us to take off the doors to this closet when we first moved in.  They were simply part of the house.  But we realized they were sort of a pain and that we didn't really need them.  Now, something as simple as being able to turn on the light without fighting with the doors is one daily (albeit minor) frustration we were happy to see go.

I'm sure that I sound incredibly high maintenance right now, but really, it's about the little things.  If there are small things that drive you batty on the day-to-day (no matter how ridiculous they may seem) and they can be changed, DO IT.  

Take off that door, add a hook, use that dining room for a play room.....make your house work for you!  All those little changes can make a big difference in how you live and feel in your home.

What things drive you crazy around your house?  Has anyone else ripped off the doors or changed the way their house was "supposed to be" in the name of sanity?

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