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Nursery Plans & A Sneak Peak

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I loved hearing you weigh in on our nursery decor throw down!  It was Soft & Pretty vs. Bold & Eclectic.  Most of you were surprised to like the bold option over the softer palette...and we concur! We're going with the bold rug as the inspiration for our new little lady's room!

The 10x10 room doesn't lend itself to a whole lot of furniture options, so space planning is more like..put the crib on the only solid wall away from the frigid window.   She'll have a smallish dresser that will double as a changing table and I'm hoping to squeeze in a rocking chair.  That's about it for key furniture.

The walls are staying white, but I'm ready to slap some paint on that ceiling.  Well, my neck isn't ready but you know, anything for paint.  We definitely need to address the window, because it's old and this baby is coming in the middle of an Ohio winter predicted to rival the snowpocalypse of last year.  Actually, the baby will be partying in our room for awhile so that means the naked windows in our room will need some attention too.

I started pulling some things from around the house that I thought would help out this nursery in functionality and pull the color palette together.  We'll be heading in a direction something like this...
baby girl nursery inspiration
I couldn't resist these outfits on sale from Old Navy and when I tossed them on the pile of baby stuff to be washed, which happened to be on the rug, well....hello, happy colors.

All these delicious plum and berry shades will be a fun pop of color against our mostly white room.  Of course, I won't be able to resist adding in a little black and white, and pulling from the other blue and gold hues of the rug for some fun accents. 
baby girl nursery inspiration

This pregnancy is flying by, and while it really doesn't matter what her nursery looks like (or if she has one at all), I love that we're making a special space for a new little person that's about to join our family.  She's already so loved and anticipated.

Now for a peak at next week.....we have something incredibly exciting, powerful, and a little nerve-wrecking (for me) happening on the blog Monday.  I can't wait to share it with you!

And the OFFICE.  This dang office.  Since it's eventually going to be home for our newest resident, I've been using it as a staging area for the baby stuff we've started to accumulate.  Translation: it's a mess.  And got that way before I was able to take and edit the completed office pictures #excusesexcuses.  That reveal, hopefully not totally anticlimactic at this point, is coming on Tuesday.

Then, then, then, there's the 31 Day kickoff on Wednesday and oh all just have a great weekend and hopefully we'll see you back here Monday for an exciting week here at House For Five....soon to be Six.  Guess I should do something about that header, huh? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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