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Nursery Decor Throwdown: Soft & Pretty vs. Bold & Eclectic

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I can't help myself.  I'm actually snapping the final pics of my office makeover to share next week and I'm already thinking about how to swap it all out for the impending babe.  It's sort of a flash back to the kitchen makeover and master bedroom makeover in our last house.  They were both sweat inducing labors of love.....that we only got to enjoy for about a month before we packed it up to move cross country.

I've been able to enjoy my office for a bit longer, and even though I plan to switch it over to a nursery in phases, I can still see myself going full speed ahead once I get into baby room mode.  There's just something so fun about pulling together a kid's room!  We can let go of some of the limitations that hold us back in the rest of our house and run wild with color and imagination.

But of course, I have a million nursery ideas swimming through my head.  I will forever be a lover of color and I often have a hard time narrowing it down to a specific palette.  Because all the colors are my friends. 

After mustering a bit of restraint, I've narrowed the inspiration down to a couple options....

First up is the softer of the two palettes.  This one reads much more traditional, sweet nursery to me.  The floral box in the lower corner is the packaging for a set of coasters that I originally ordered for my office.  I had a DIY planned for them but their scale was too large.  I still love this color scheme and think they could be put to great use in a nursery.  With a few gold accents, this would make for a very feminine little room.

(left: image via  INphotography; top right JCrew bracelets no longer available; bottom right: coasters via Rifle Paper Co)

The next option is much more bold.  I ordered this  Oriental Weaver's Kaleidoscope Rug (also the Lalita Rug on Lulu & Georgia)  during a huge Rugs USA sale.  I had planned to use it in our front entry, but it's surprisingly super soft.  Not that I rolled around on it or anything....I took it upstairs to my office and love the bright contrast to the white walls in there.  I think we could take the room in a bit more of an eclectic/global vibe and am really intrigued with doing something a little more unexpected in a nursery space.
(left: rug via Rugs USA;  top right: image via The Pink Couch; bottom right: Elle Decoration, photography by Jeremy Wilson)

I love both of these options for different reasons.  The good news is we already have both of the main inspiration pieces (rug or coasters) to run with either one!  Whichever direction we choose for the accent colors, we're sticking with the white walls we already have and are going for "light and bright" overall. 

So, "soft & pretty" might feel something like this...

 or this...

And "bold & eclectic" might be more like this...

or this...

Which do you like?  Soft & Pretty or Bold & Eclectic? 

You can see the all our baby room ideas on our Nursery Pinterest Board....and the colors that taunt me on the regular at our Color Schemes Board.  Happy weekend!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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