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31 Days 2014!

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Its almost here!  The Nester's 31 day writing challenge goes down in just one week: choose one topic and write about it every day during October.

She's been inviting readers to join her in this challenge for a few years now, and this year will be my third.

The first go around I put myself on a spending freeze and did 31 Days of Working With What You Have. The biggest lesson learned there was not every post has to be the motherload....a full before and after project, plumped up with snazzy pics/graphics, pimping the free printables....those are great, but not happening for all of those 31 days.  I learned to blog more about the process and it forced me to branch out beyond my typical post subjects.  You can find all the posts in that series right here

I had a much better idea of what to expect the following year and knew how difficult posting for 31 days straight could be.  So naturally, I thought it would be a great idea to blog for 31 days during one of the most stressful times in our lives:  our whirlwind cross-country move


It was crazy to be sure, but somehow we still ended up with a full printable moving binder (that you can download for free right here), some handy posts on all things moving prep, and it gave me a much needed space to work out the emotional whiplash that comes along with such a sudden and major move.  All good things.  All good things.  But also, crazy.

So, this year?  I thought about skipping it, but after a sparse summer blogging schedule and back to school funk....I say, let's do it.  

I won't even tell you how many draft posts will probably sit forever unpublished because I always want to add something more, take better pics to go with it, edit, edit, and edit some more....and who cares?!  I know you probably appreciate when bloggers take time to compose a well written, well photographed post.  But often less-than-perfect is better than nothing at all. 

This writing challenge is so good for that inner perfectionist.  Write.  Just write.  A forceful hand is often what my procrastinating, forever tweaking rear needs.   Posts of the short and sweet variety are absolutely necessary to sprinkle throughout this type of challenge.

We're talking 31 days of writing here, so it also helps to pick a topic that speaks to what is already happening in your life or home, and can be applied to a number of areas.  I looked through the draft posts I have planned for the coming weeks and whats on my to do list this fall.  There's a very consistent theme:  purge, organize, simplify, streamline, end the crazy, don't get killed by a closet avalanche. 

Obviously, I'll have to narrow that down a bit but there's surely a common theme.  The nesting bug has bit hard and I need to take full advantage of it before I enter hugedom known as the third trimester.  It feels like a good time to get on some projects and get back to writing on the regular.

So, are you joining the Nester's challenge this year?  She has a separate website dedicated to it, so hop on over for more details.  You may find yourself brainstorming your own 31 day topics.  I would love to hear what you plan to do!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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