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The Ultrasound Has Spoken And It's A......

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Sweet baby gender announcement

Bring. On. The. PINK!!!  Or the purple.  Or any color really.  

I know some love waiting to find out the baby's gender until the ole birthday, but we really love knowing that this little one due in Jan is another sweet girl.  It probably all boils down to lack of patience.  Or maybe control issues.  Either way, we've found out the gender for all our kids around that 20 week mark and each time it's strengthened that baby bond.  We love calling our baby by name and the kids do too.

Back when we first told the kids another bambino was joining the mix, their first response was "We're going to have a sister!?!?!"  Uhhhh.  Maybe?  And maybe not.  Guess they knew something we didn't.

We expected Mia to be thrilled (and she was), but we did not expect the boys undying affection over their baby sis they have not even met yet.  They talk to her in my belly all the time and when we stopped by a Gymboree sale to pick up a couple fun GIRL things, they were pulling clothes off the hanger faster than I could keep up..."She needs jammies!"  "These are SO cute!!"  "Wait, she needs shoes too!" "And this!"  "And this!"  And oh my goodness, stop we're just here for a couple things.

We weren't sure if more kids were in our family's future, so we gave away everything baby/maternity in the madness of our lightning quick cross country move.  The good news is when you have friends with kids somehow it all ends up coming full circle - more details on that here soon.  And since this isn't our first rodeo, we have a better idea of the things we really need.  So, among my nursery decor scheming (which is now taking over my every waking thought), we'll be sharing a few posts on baby essentials, tips for saving money on all those necessities, stretching (not literally) your maternity wardrobe, and of course some fun DIY's as we get ready for our newest resident.

Where do you fall on finding out the baby's gender?  Do consider it one of the best surprises to wait until delivery or are you knocking down the ultrasound tech's door as soon as they'll let you in?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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