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I'll be honest.  I've tried to post many times this week, but it just hasn't felt right.  There have been many projects and joys to share, but it's all been overshadowed by the stark reality of darkness in our world.  It feels silly, and almost insulting, to post about my fabric dilemma in the kitchen or how-oh-how I will decorate a nursery for our little one, when there are mother's that no longer have a kitchen to feed their family or even any mouths left to feed.

My heart is breaking for so many, abroad and here at home. I know yours is too.  It's easy to let fear and despair overwhelm my every thought. In a crippling way.  I have to be very careful about how much I read and allow to fill my mind.

Sometimes hope can seem so far away, but I KNOW that's not where God wants us to stay.  I know He calls us to much more, especially during times like this.  I was talking to a priest about this internal struggle and he reminded me that the darkness will never overpower the light.  And encouraged me not to grow weary or doubtful in being the light that our world needs.  Not in a wow-I-should-be-doing-something-big sort of way, but more of a keep-doing-the-little-things kind of way.

I read a couple of articles this week that not only helped to renew my hope, but helped restore some focus to our purpose.  I hope they encourage any of you that may be struggling too!

"We Are Still The Easter People" from Haley.  Breaking down one of my all-time favorite quotes by St. John Paul The Great.

"The World Is A Horrible Place & You're In It For A Reason" from The Matt Walsh Blog.  This especially hit on some of my fears about the kind of world my kids will grow up in.  Thanks, Matt.

I've tried to weed out my Facebook feed of too much fear mongering, but I have really loved following Humans Of New York's page, especially during his time in Iraq.  Brandon has uniquely captured the human all of it's frailty, beauty, and strength. He's currently on a world tour of sorts...he recently left Iraq and is now in the Dominican Republic of Congo.  I'm addicted to it.

Enjoy the weekend, Friends!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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