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Plan B For The Little Miss

Deme Crinion12 Comments
Her room that is.  

We've tested out the under-the-window bed placement...
...and while it feels more balanced, this room simply can't handle the bed sticking out from the wall.  It sucks up the already  limited play space and either side of the bed is a drop zone for items never to be put away again.

The best spot for the bed is decidedly with the side against the wall under the window, but that didn't work out with my canopy vision or with my "things need to be balanced" eye twitch.  So, I began scheming for a plan B with a few criteria in mind:

-Bed placed against the wall
-No canopy, but some sort of cozy nook created with fabric
-Maximize space and storage

And I hit the jackpot of inspiration...
(I spotted it over here, but the original source is unknown...I would love to include it!)

I'm drooling over the happy color and patterns, but more importantly, that bookcase!  One of the biggest issues in the little lady's room is storing books and keeping them accessible for reading in bed (translation: books strewn on and around the bed, all the time).  I LOVE the idea of the bookcase directly behind the headboard for easy access, but also as another spot to display special treasures.

Much of what makes this beautiful little spot so amazing is the built-in look....which is not in our budget or timeline.  For now, we're using the fabrics, reading light, and bed we already own, to run with this general idea! 

We purchased a HEMNES bookcase from IKEA earlier this week thanks to a gift card I've been carrying in my purse for weeks.  So, in between the grilling and fireworks, we'll be assembling/moving furniture and pressing the proverbial sewing machine petal to the metal.  

I feel so relieved to have landed on a concept that will actually work for this room.  Trying to make my original vision work was like jamming a square peg into a round hole on repeat.  No matter what we tried, it just wasn't going to work. 

So, here's to a great weekend!  I hope you all enjoy a wonderful 4th of July with those you love!  Ours is going to be low key with friends, but we'll be sharing our no-fuss entertaining tips and some of our favorite summer recipes from our shin-dig on the blog next week.  And of course, we'll update you on this girly room in the works!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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