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Insta Updates From the Week

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This week was a doozie!  The kids had VBS all week and loved every choreographed song-belting second.  It was in the late afternoon/early evening so they fed all the families dinner and held classes for the parentals.  Which meant not a single dirty dinner dish for me #glorious

A good thing too, since I'm headed to Austin for the Edel Gathering this weekend (eeek!!), and James' parents are coming to help corral children in for a visit.  We've been purging and cleaning and actually getting things up on the walls.  So, what made for a slacker blogging week, will make for lots of updates next week. 

A few peaks:

I finally got my Mother's Day gift up on the wall.  It only took me two months to find the right spot, but who's counting.

We're still working on bringing this little prayer corner together but progress is good!

We also swapped out the rug in our living room.  I jumped on the Rugs USA 4th of July sale but no one was loving the one I ordered (including me).  I finally broke down and ordered a second option - insta-better.  

The first one (bottom/left in this awful/gainy/night time picture) is promptly going back.

We also acquired the first of some baby gear!  And one is a prime candidate for a paint makeover. Can. not. wait!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  It's midnight and I still haven't packed for my flight tomorrow morning.  Procrastination at it's finest!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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