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Girl's Room Update - The Bookcase Verdict

Deme Crinion9 Comments
Over the weekend we managed to assemble, position, and secure not one but TWO bookcases.  That's like, award worthy for us these days. 

One went down to the basement to help sort the hubs book collection and the other went up to our girl's room.  We were inspired by a built-in unit with shelving behind the bed to address some much needed storage issues. But we needed a much less expensive option.

Enter the bookcase.  We had an IKEA gift card burning a hole in our pocket, so we opted for one of their HEMNES bookcases. It looks a little more high end than the BILLY series and we wanted it to work well in any area of our home should we play musical bookcases in the future. 

We moved Mia's bed back along the wall under the window (the bed's 5th move, as she reminded me)... 

...and we placed the bookcase directly behind her headboard.  However....the problem with not using custom or coordinated pieces is that things aren't going to be perfectly sized.  This bookcase is significantly smaller in width than her bed.
We debated centering it on the headboard or pushing it flush against the wall.  Ultimately we decided that having a small gap between the bookcase and wall was just an abyss of lost toys (and subsequent parent contortionist rescue efforts) waiting to happen.  We're also planning a wall of curtains along the outside of her bed that will hopefully disguise the uneven pieces.

The Little Miss immediately put her basket of current library books and her notebook on a shelf and declared "This is going to be great!".  I agree.  I think it's going to be the perfect place to keep her books corralled, yet easily accessible. And it will give us a place to display some of those special items currently stored in her closet. 
As for the lower shelves of the bookcase.....I was worried this would just end up a dust collecting spot and wondered if it was even worth storing anything on those shelves.  That shelf you see below her basket is actually the last shelf we placed.  We ended up leaving the bottom shelves off, creating a larger open space that happens to be the perfect size for storing her winter comforter.  The shelf blocks the view of it from the top and the bed blocks the view from the side.  Super concealed storage, perfect for something that only needs to be reached twice a year.

So, the final verdict?  I love, love, LOVE, having this storage right behind the bed.  And our girl seems to as well.  The fact that the bed sticks out past the edge of the bookcase is enough to set off my OCD tick but once we get the curtains up, I think it's a set up we can all live with.

If it ends up being as successful as we hope, then we'll start saving our pennies to make this a no-kidding built-in area one day.  Maybe once this new baby is ready to graduate to a big-kid bed.  But since we're still cooking this bun for awhile longer, we have plenty of time to save for that endeavor.

Next up - filling those shelves and curtains!

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