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DIY Ribbon Striped Book Basket

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Our almost 2nd grader has proved to be a die-hard book worm.  After plowing through all the books she owned at the beginning of summer, we promptly took ourselves to the library and got that girl a library card.  We make a weekly trip where she stocks up on her favorite chapter books...mostly the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows and the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne.

But with all those books floating around, inevitably a few float right into random piles of other books throughout her room and the house.  So, we put her new bookcase and a leftover basket to good use....and now have those special books corralled in one spot!

This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

This basket used to hold dolls and stuffed animals, but after a little purging and reorganizing our girl's room, it was no longer needed.  Good thing I hadn't chucked it into the donate pile just yet because it was the perfect size for this project.  It was just a little plain.

 Nothing a roll of black ribbon and a hot glue gun couldn't handle.

I played around with my ribbon placement before cutting it and decided I wanted three black stripes starting just below the top edge.  This basket has handles near the top, so I started by wrapping one end of the ribbon just around the inside of the handle and securing it with a little hot glue.

I wrapped it around one of the long sides and secured it to the opposite handle.  Then, I cut another piece to wrap around the other side. 

The next two pieces were easy.  I took one long piece and secured it at the back corner along the bottom of the basket.  

I just wrapped it all the way around adding a drop of hot glue on the middle of each side and at the corners. 

Then, I placed the last ribbon centered between the two and did a repeat of the last step.

We filled it up with the current load of library books and placed it on the book shelf right behind her headboard.  Every morning this girl wakes up, opens her blinds, and picks up right where she left off on her last story.  She also reads here for quiet time.
This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

Our little reader has also taken to keeping a notebook handy when she reads.  Sometimes she writes down ideas for her own stories or jots down clues if she's reading a mystery.  We keep it right next to her new basket.
This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

Now we don't have any more scrambling and digging to find all the library books when it's time to return them.  She just grabs them all from the basket, puts them in her library bag, and she's ready for the next round of adventures.   And best of all, this project was totally FREE!
This ribbon striped basket helps keep library books corralled in one spot!

Has anyone else lived at the library this summer?  How do you keep track of library books in your home?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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