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A Baby Update And Why I Don't Totally Hate The ER

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I hoped to share an update on the Little Miss' room today, but clearly I haven't given this baby enough blog time...because earlier in the week we took ourselves right to the ER. 

*Be forewarned.  Pregnant TMI to follow.

It was sort of like backwards day for the with-child.  Most expecting women would love a break from having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes, but I've had the opposite issue.  For the past week I've had trouble going after I wake up in the morning, but was usually able to experience bathroom normalcy after being up and about for an hour. 

Then one day it just never happened.  After 12 hours of not being able to pee, my doctor directed me to the ER.  I knew that would mean a catheter, which I now have a love-hate relationship with.  I wanted to avoid one at all costs, but it was the only way to get relief.  They drained over a liter from my bladder and I came home with my new BFF cath bag for the next 24 hrs #TMI #sorry

Turns out it happens to some pregnant women around the 13-14 week mark, just before the baby is large enough to finally "pop" that belly out from behind the pelvic bone.  A situation that usually resolves itself as the baby grows.

Unfortunately, one of the ways to prevent it from happening is to sleep propped up on your side or stomach and to head to the potty every 2-3 hours.  Even at night.  I now also have a love-hate relationship with my alarm.  I just keep reminding myself as I cursed the catheter and my too-cheerful-for-its-own-good alarm chime in the middle of the night, that this is much better than the pain that landed us in the ER.  I will take it.  And I will never take peeing for granted again.

I had a follow up with one of the two doctors I see at our practice, who happens to be a friend and their bladder specialist.  Win!  He was very reassuring and delivered the good news that I could take the night alarm down to just once in the middle of the night.  So awesome...because running on broken sleep when you can have limited caffeine = no bueno.

AND.  When he heard we hadn't received an early ultrasound, he hooked us up with a little peek at our bambino/a.   The doc was like a 4 year old trying to drive a car with the u/s machine but we were so thankful for that little shot of our babe just lounging away with legs straight up in the air. 

I don't think I realized how much I was holding back a stampede of "what if's" until we actually heard that perfect heartbeat and saw our baby on the screen.  At this point I'm feeling really thankful and am looking forward to poppin some baby belly...not just bloat belly. 

In other random news, I finally bit the bullet and got the fabric I've been eying for months. The color is actually a little more saturated in person.  It's a lot of color (even for me) but how can you not have a cheerful breakfast nook with curtains made from this?

Here's hoping anyway!  Have a great weekend!

*Has anyone else ever experienced the same inability to pee while pregnant?  The nurse and staff seemed completely baffled by the whole situation.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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