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The Room That's Making Me Crazy

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I've mentioned before that the bedrooms in this house are on the small side.  Well, they're not just small.  The placement of windows/doors/closets/etc means finding the right furniture layout includes me beating my fists and head against the wall is a challenge. 

I think we have tried out Mia's bed on every single wall in her room and in every possible orientation (see here and here).  I thought we finally got it with the last one, but it still doesn't feel right. 

Maybe it's a just a tough room to set up......or maybe she has one too many pieces of large furniture....or maaaaybe I'm letting this fabulous little vision of a reading canopy over her bed affect where the bed can actually go......maybe.  

That canopy (the one I haven't made yet) is why I've never tried putting her bed under the window.   I had always planned on the canopy going behind the headboard and then wrapping around the sides.  Which would block the window. 

But hello, silver lining of procrastination.  The fact that I have not actually sewed this canopy yet, means that the design can change.  With a few tweaks I think we can easily have the canopy flank the headboard without blocking the light from the window.    Please forgive the grainy phone pic and don't mind the random sheet waterfall happening here:
This was earlier today.  Mia actually prefers her bed with one side against the wall.   I think she feels more she won't fall out (even though she never really has). So we're going to live with it like this for a couple of days.  If she really hates it, I'm working on a plan B with it back against the wall under her window.  Her vanity and bookcase will also shift to different spots, but we're going to hold off on any more furniture shifting until this Little Miss and I can settle on where this dang bed should go. 

Here's a few snapshots of her room in our last house (you can see the full room with project links here)


We're going for a little brighter of a color palette this time around, inspired by that "someday soon"canopy fabric:
And in the meantime, we're doing yet another round of purging in this little hoarder's room.  You may have spotted the chaos on Instagram.

I've been frustrated with how messy her room seems to be AT ALL TIMES.  Yet, I can't expect her to maintain it if we don't have the room organized and set up for success.  Right now it is the antithesis of "a place for everything and everything in it's place".  And kiddos aren't going to be able to pick up after themselves if they don't know where things go.  We can't get to the building new habits part without a system for success in place. 

We've made several attempts at purging and organizing this room in the past.  Some things have been very successful (like the under the bed storage for dolls and all their accoutrements).  But I don't think we've ever pared down this room to an amount that's manageable for her.  We've tried to make things pull double duty (like her vanity: drawing supplies and dress up), but I think simple and minimal is best for Mia.  Now that we have more space in the playroom, we can move some of those craft items and toys downstairs. 

Mia's always had a hard time letting go of things.  Every stuffed animal friend, drawing, toy, and creation is a priceless treasure to her.  But it's just way too much.  Moving has a way of revealing just how much "stuff" we've accumulated and while some of us relish the chance to purge and let go, others of us just want to hold on a little tighter.

I've tried to be sensitive to the emotional adjustments of moving someplace new and the importance of surrounding ourselves with familiar things.  But I think it's finally time.  As much as I would like to get rid of the excess all at once, I think it's going to happen in stages for this girl.  We've tried to prepare her over the past couple weeks that we need to let go of some things and we've talked about how we can bless others in doing so.  We're going to purge at her pace, but start by moving all the excess downstairs.  That will leave her with an organized and special space that doesn't overwhelm her (or me!) and we can work on letting go of the excess downstairs in phases.  That's the plan anyway! 

Anyone else have a room that's making a workable furniture layout seem impossible?  How did you make it work?  Anyone else have a little hoarder on their hands?  We've tried the one-in/one-out rule in the past but I don't think it's been successful because we've always started out with way too much.....and we haven't been consistent with it.  In the past, you've always had great suggestions for encouraging kids to about after a move?  Do you wait or give them a gentle push? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!