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RASKOG Cart Makeover - Gold Baby!

Deme Crinion8 Comments
Since I'm spoiled rotten with not having to share my office space with anyone one else, I really wanted to glam things up in there.  If a room could scream "No Boys Allowed!" this was going to be it. 

I have fiercely loved the IKEA RASKOG cart since I bought one a couple years ago.  It's so versatile and could be used in any room of our house.  It's been serving as me well as a sewing cart, but the color was a little dark and sad.  Time for a real makeover!
A little gold spray paint gives new life to the IKEA RASKOG cart!

I originally gave her a mini facelift with some vinyl labels back here.

But this time I was looking to really brighten her up.  And maybe add a little bling.  I liked the grey and teal colors IKEA offered for the cart but I've always wondered if it could be painted.  Nothing like a good ole college try to find out!

I wanted to bring some gold accents into the room, so I lined up a few items on some cardboard (including my dismantled cart) and went to town with a can of Rust-Oleum's Metallic Champagne Mist spray paint. 

I left the wheels on and just taped over them to protect from paint overspray. The key to no drips and an even finish is several very thin coats.  I was worried about the paint scratching as I re-assembled it, but I gave it several days to dry/cure and the only dings were in the areas where the metal pieces over lapped.  So, in the end, any scratches were hardly noticeable.

The other big problem I had before was this:
The side posts curve into the basket just enough that my sewing machine would not sit flat inside.  Womp. Womp.  Instead I stored my machine in a basket from my Grandmother and used the cart for all my other sewing supplies.  It was fine, but always a pain to pull out and set up my machine.

Then, I saw this genius idea by Laurie to flip the top basket over.   After I painted the cart pieces I gave it a try and it worked perfectly!  I set a small level on top (well, technically on the bottom since it was flipped) as I tightened all the pieces to ensure it wasn't crooked. Problem solved!
A little gold spray paint gives new life to the IKEA RASKOG cart!

I absolutely love having it out of the basket and ready to use!  I'm so much more likely to whip out a quick project with the machine all set to go.  My only other concern was it collecting dust, so I whipped up a quick cover for it.
A little gold spray paint gives new life to the IKEA RASKOG cart!

I couldn't resist a little punch of black and white.  Below the sewing machine, the middle bin holds my jars of ribbon and trim pieces, along with my spools of twine. 
A little gold spray paint gives new life to the IKEA RASKOG cart!

The bottom bin has fabrics for projects currently in the works and my sewing machine pedal.  My sewing basket with scissors, pins, bobbins, etc. sits on the desk right next to the cart, but can easily fit in that bottom bin with the fabric.
A little gold spray paint gives new life to the IKEA RASKOG cart!
The cart sits right next to the open crafting area of my desk.  Super convenient.

I'm sure you've also noticed those amazing prints by the uber talented Brittany Fuson.  I really wanted my office to be filled with things that inspire me.  I'm not a fashionista by any means but I've always enjoyed clothes and find a ton of inspiration from fashion's prints and silhouettes.  Brittany's prints seemed like a perfect way to bring in a little more of that girly glam and a bit of whimsy.  I'm still tweaking the gallery a bit and want to give a few of the frames a paint treatment, but I like the way it's shaping up!
A little gold spray paint gives new life to the IKEA RASKOG cart!

fashion gallery wall

This office space is definitely taking on a more feminine vibe!  The room is right at the top of the stairs, so it's the first thing you see as you hit the landing.  This little space of wall that's now home to my gold cart and gallery wall is the view from the door.  Much improved over the yellow toddler room and stacked moving boxes:

That dalmatian spot fabric is going in one other area of the office and that's the next project on the list!  Does anyone else have a RASKOG cart?  How are you using it in your home?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!