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Easy Tomato & Cucumber Salad

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Oh friends.  I got hit with some sort of stomach somethin' this week and have pretty much remained curled up on the couch since Monday.  Which means instead of progress on the

home project list

, we've slid into utter chaos and survival tactics.  James has been getting up with the kids in the morning so I can rest, but sensing my new level of despair, he woke up early and made the kids banana chocolate chip bread for breakfast.  From scratch.  #spoiled  

So, while we try to pull this household back together, I'll share a recipe that I was saving for next week. It's one of our favorite summer salads that's super tasty and super easy to prepare.

 It's just three basic ingredients: tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion...with an awesome vinaigrette.

I just use half an onion so that it doesn't overpower the dish, but if you want even less of that onion punch, a white onion has a milder flavor and works just as well.

Simply cut all your veggies into bite size pieces and toss into a large bowl. 

Tomato Tip #1

:   Whenever slicing, dicing, and otherwise cutting up a tomato, use a knife with a serrated edge.  It cuts much easier, gives you more control, and helps to avoid squishing the tomato as you cut.  Not that I've ever done that before.

 I always cut the tomato first for this salad, so that it has time for this next tip....

Tomato Tip #2

:  Whenever adding diced tomato to a dish, set them in a strainer right after dicing them.  Give the strainer a gentle shake to drain those extra juices, then add the tomatoes to the dish.  It will keep everything from getting too soggy. 

The best part of this salad is the light vinaigrette that finishes it off.  It's not too sweet or too tangy and can easily be adjusted to suite your tastes.


1/8 cup olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

(I just fill up the bottle cap and dump it in)

1 single serve packet of Stevia

(like for your coffee.  The original recipe from our aunt calls for sugar, so you really can use any sweetener of choice.  Start with a teaspoon and adjust from there).

Salt and pepper to taste

Whisk ingredients together in a small bowl.  Taste.  Adjust if necessary.  Pour over the salad and gently toss to coat

(I use a spatula).

  Chill then serve.

This recipe is a perfect side dish for our family of five and we usually have a little bit leftover for the next day.  But our kids are young and their servings are somewhat small.  And they don't eat the onions.  We just double this whenever we have guests.

It's light and fresh and tastes just like summer!

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